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Forty six degrees mostly cloudy right now in Boston at one o'clock good afternoon I'm Nicole Davis here's what's happening senators are back from a lunch break now in Washington on Capitol Hill closing arguments continue in the impeachment trial of president trump lawyers for the president on the floor right now let's get the update in the special report from ABC news now it's time for president trump's legal team to wrap things up the president's defense attorneys beginning their arguments to close the impeachment trial the before their start it was the Democrats today house impeachment manager Adam ship today we urge you in the face of overwhelming evidence of the presence guilt and knowing that if left in office he will continue to seek for interference in the next election to vote to convict on both articles of impeachment and removal from office Donald J. trump is the forty fifth president of the United States and congressman Val Deming's making one final plea innocent people don't try to hide every document and witness especially those that would clear them that's what guilty people do those closing arguments are set to wrap up today then on Wednesday a vote that will and the trial with continuing coverage the impeachment trial of president trump about like stone ABC news and you're listening to WBZ newsradio will keep you posted on all the developments from Capitol Hill keep tuning in if you can't get by the radio you can always use the I heart radio app and don't forget tonight join us at seven o'clock we're gonna have a special program from ABC news we'll take a deeper look into the proceedings today and what we can expect over the next few days a program again at seven o'clock tonight right here on WBZ newsradio one a one by land and by sea the search is on for a missing woman from Gloucester sixty year old abbey Flynn of Gloucester is still missing last seen near Farington Avenue in Gloucester she went missing after going for a walk Sunday afternoon at about four thirty the area is right near the water's edge police and the Coast Guard searched Sunday Coast Guard petty officer Ryan no well you have the assets from station Glaus there as well your station que privacy on the water searches and we will be continuing our search at first light there's a staging area on Farrington Avenue where more than two dozen police cruisers gathered early this morning police being briefed before they resumed their ground search in Gloucester sherry small WBZ Boston sees radio and police say foul play is not suspected here one neighborhood variety store in fair haven went up in flames this morning fire crews getting to Jackson's variety ons gonna get Necro just before eight AM is it when they got there they found flames shooting out of the back of the building thick black smoke reported from miles away reports coming in from out of poison in new Bedford south.

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