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Priorities first, of course, Mitch McConnell is going to try and force him on a corner in many different issues we saw that happened with the delay of the organizing resolution or the palace sharing accord that kind of set up how the Senate would operate in this new 50 50 state. And then there's Republicans who are. Of course, we saw this this week when they went straight to President Biden to negotiate their own bill, and they're going to continue to try to skirt him in. Additional legislation. I think in the weeks to come, we're talking with Elaine a train of access, and not only is he facing pressure here in Washington, But as you point out the Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, also feeling it at home, whether it's representative Alexandria, Kaze, Cortez or governor Andrew Cuomo house so well, New York is an interesting state, but of course, Alison Um Alexander Ocasio Cortez. Your congresswoman, Very popular progressive. He's flirting with the idea of running for Senate in 2022. Chuck Schumer seat is up during the midterms, and so there's definitely a pull there and something that he needs to watch for. She does brought into very popular says a ton of support. And so I think that he's definitely keeping an eye on her and it could potentially shape how he acts on some issues. As majority leader and then governor. Cuomo has also been putting a lot of pressure on him, particularly with stimulus bill and making sure that they get additional funding for state and local governments. He's been saying that they need more aid in New York and that he hopes That leader. Schumer will be able to deliver that for them, which is just another thing that he can add to his worries back home. So let me bring it back to the president and Senate Republicans because he had told GOP lawmakers that he has quote an open door and an open mind to their ideas. But are those just words? Or is the White House committed to bipartisanship when it comes to this nearly $2 trillion coronavirus plan? You know, Steve, I think I don't think they're just words particular when it comes to President Biden, and he really Is committed to bipartisanship. But, uh, this is a very tough bill to force. The Republicans do not want another two trillion package after the theories that they of covert bills that they saw the past year and so it is putting Joe Biden in a difficult place. I know that a lot of Republicans think that while the president himself seems to really want to compromise with them, they worry that Democratic lawmakers and even people within the White House who works Biden are trying to pull him farther to the left. And so we're starting to see some of this play out more. I do think that we should have more answers soon on whether President Biden is willing Tol cave to certain demands. There's been talk of changing the threshold the income threshold for the stimulus check on Dawson negotiations on other areas, and so if there is a deal, I know that President Biden and his team are hoping it'll still look a lot more like the deal that he had put forward and proposed originally. But I think we have to watch. Wait and see really, how these negotiations play out. I mean, you see is people washed Elena training. She covers the White House and Congress. Her work available and access dot com Here in Washington. We thank you for being with us. Thank you so much for having me at the closing bell on Wall Street, the Dow Rose 332. The NASDAQ was up 1 67 and the S and P gaining 41 a half. Now the Democrats have control of the Senate committees. CNBC is reporting that the new chair of the Senate Finance Committee preparing to take on the super wealthy, dark money groups and special interest organizations, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, saying tax reform is the number one priority for the committee. There was another attempt today to breach security near the U. S. Capitol. A statement from police stating that a female suspect arriving at a security checkpoint along New Jersey Avenue in D Street southeast earlier today. He was told you could not enter the premises. The woman ignored. The officer attempted to drive through the checkpoint and hit one of the officers in the process. She is being charged with assaulting a Capitol Hill police officer assaulting with a deadly weapon and unlawful entry. There are no reports of any serious injuries. You're listening to Washington today. Sundays at noon Eastern time here, Interviews with national leaders and journalists round tables on NBC's Meet The Press ABC this week..

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