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That'll tales Viggo man that's a great theme thoughts about you know and there was a funky they leave the there was always for for I think ninety percent of the game shows in the seventies they would the credit was always score productions those are the ones who did the music for for all the game shows we just called score productions so Hey coming up but we've got a five o'clock so you got Steve resented the opening bell the news is next from the northwestern medicine newsroom we're talking game shows jump in here we're talking a game show hosts and then we'll talk about some two from terrible ideas for game show and what are some of your favorite game shows of all time three one two nine eight one seven two hundred they mention Dick Clark for the ten thousand dollars I never like to Clark on that show no no bug the hell out of me huh but he was real smarmy and he was always like a like if somebody you know like when they go to the big circle you know like after if if they don't win he all he would always come out in like throw throw clues that what what about this clue or that clue and then like when they would get to go see like he would like he's probably not as they drove me nuts you know who's good on the pyramid it was good Donny Osmond one only has been hosted the pyramid and he was really good I like what years do you remember I think late nineties I think I've seen someone Donny Osmond he was nice yeah I know he's a good guy Michael straight here does a good job on yeah now I'm sure that if there were any other pyramid hosts there were I'm pretty sure I'm blanking now but I used to like Donny Osmond Abbott declared the dollar amounts kept going up a Clark who hosted the show for the bulk of its long run on two different networks and in syndication was always move the smooth and empathetic rock of stability celebrities were paired with civilians and trying to guess hidden words from a series of rapid fire clues forget those ball drops on new year's eve Clark's dramatic set ups made pyramids final round the most electric sixty seconds and all of TV game doom it's intense yeah so you're not even gonna throw ME yeah let's try this one honestly if you if you recognize that there I don't I like.

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