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Fyre cay carry yeah you're listening to gilbert godfrey podcast my hand down is the best i will concerned me from post we now return to do in french amazing colossal up guys why don't you talk a little bit so i can listen to you guys telling the story very well tony the you down like downs at you guys on the today show and fell in love with you was craziest thing one morning they gave us thirty one minutes on the today show performing on her we we brought in a thrill joker body was conducted at the time and the switchboard lit up the goes straight boats that we have never seen like it when we walked out of the studio that you know it was was just total very rewarding success and no so quick actually we got to the top that's just unheard of i think we're both interests that aren't we gill in the mob relationships in in vegas and what was happening at the time a lot of our guests said the mob treated them very very well yeah you can't find any celebrities who had any complaints about the mob they treated us so gilbert back to be had little sign on the door at the flamingo i i worked for the mafia for like nine years there you know two things change their with corporation came in and all that your amendment that switch that happened vegas but there was a little notice on the door no blue material.

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