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Yeah well i'll start off by saying when we're hiring coaches and people to guide us make sure you look at their entire life and make sure you want to emulate their entire life not just the business portion of their life okay i hired coaches where i'm like okay guys about us and business don't like anything else about his life his relationship sucks yet and i'm like that to a hit because i because his it was our values we're not align right and so when we're talking about like intuitive marketing it literally does come down to that like visceral yes in the body and visceral no in the body and if if you're listening to that in like what what what are you talking about there's a really great exercise that i use and i use my was i really starting to understand like visceral intelligence and how my body like communicates me and it's just like asking myself definite yes question like is my name m am i in palm desert and just like feeling how my body wreck side there's a lightness there's an ease yes and then asking myself a definite no question so that's how we can start to like really understand how you guys can do this literally as you're listening to this podcast right now like we can we your body's communicating our body always knows right the gut is like the second brain and so so when it comes to marketing we can get so caught up in doing things the right way right like oh gary v did this and i'm going to do this or any lead to this and i'm going to do this we can get so caught up in that but the fact of the matter is like everyone is different in everything is different attack and that you used may not work for me because i'm a different person my audience in person i have a different product sector set etcetera etcetera and so we have to truly this this is the the biggest piece that we have to trust that would feel good as the right answer without actually knowing why always riding so two weeks ago i was sitting with my team i team down in san diego were sitting at my kitchen table and the thought of running retreats this year made me wanna like barf in my own auf.

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