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Way to help make that business thrive, then more power to them. I'm not sitting here saying he's going to make Twitter better, but I don't know if he could really make it any worse than what it is. He could make it worse. He could turn it into he's not that smart. I disagree with you. He's not he turned to 4chan. Yeah. So what do you get? You get four people in the same room. Yeah. So I think there are a few things. One, I think that to his credit, one of the things that he has shown that he can do really, really well, is come up with sort of a big project and get the people together to actually accomplish it. And these are big projects that other people did not think were possible. And that includes a mass market electric vehicle before anyone else was willing to do it. And the whole flying to space thing. And those are huge, massive projects that most people thought were impossible. But those are very different than speech. And what you're dealing with with Twitter is speech and to be more specific about it, society. And the way that people interact with each other. And that is a different kind of problem. It is not a problem of building something. It's not a problem of manufacturing. It's not a problem of figuring out the physics of anything. It is figuring out people. And if there's one thing that he has shown that he is not good at, it is sort of figuring out people and how they interact with each other. Yeah, his tweet says that the way you want to Twitter that's like Elon Musk's Twitter verse, I guess that's okay. It's not something I'd want to but then that's the beauty of Twitter. You don't have to follow Elon Musk. Does he take away the tools to moderate? You can't block anybody because you have to listen to everybody. He wants to do that. I don't think he wants to. But it just becomes absurd. He has no idea what it's ants point of view is when I hear a lot from Elon Musk stands who email us and saying, what did you have somebody under defend Elon? So I'm glad you said that. There are a couple of possibilities. One, you know, one of you then for me lately, Elon has not shown necessarily a good business acumen and a number of things, despite the fact that his stock makes him the richest person. He still working on the stock. By the way, this whole process has tanked his personal fortune by something like $30 billion as the Tesla stock goes down. So was this a good business move? Well, it remains to be seen, but so far. And every carmaker is going to compete with Tesla. Tesla is so it's going to go through the roof, so reasonably high at this point. He's worth more than any other manufacturer of automobiles. The space business has a couple of customers and it also has new and upcoming competitors. I'm going to give them more credit for the space business even in Tesla. SpaceX has really shown that you can do this. And engineering, other people together. But I'm saying that I don't think he's as smart a businessman as he is. And I was thinking about this today with Google. When we get to them, they had the easy life of dealing with information. Mark Zuckerberg and the Twitter founders had the hard life of dealing with human beings. Human beings are tough. In society, human beings as Mike said is what's tough here. And Elon has no idea clearly how to deal with human beings. And let me ask this, and maybe it's Twitter failed in the last 15 years to bring in the smartest people to try to solve this. Have they not? I admittedly, it's a hard problem, but have they not done the best they could to solve these issues over the last 15 years. I mean, obviously, everybody could do better. There are ways to do better. But I had written an article a few weeks ago where I went through and I looked at and this is in part because people were saying I was being unfair to Elon and I was interpreting everything he said in the worst possible light. And so I went through everything that he had said about his plans at the time for Twitter and looked at it and said, in the best possible light, what does this look like? And then I looked at the things that Twitter is already doing and that they're already working on that the current management has set in motion. And almost everything that he said, if you took the sort of best interpretation of it, the sort of most free speech supporting, the most open system, the most transparent, set up at all. Twitter is working towards all of that. But doing it thoughtfully and actually doing it carefully. It doesn't mean they've done it well to date or that the eventual things that they're going to roll out will meet that. But they've taken all of these steps in that direction, but very carefully, because one of the things that they've realized is that these things are really tricky. And if you do it wrong, you can create a much bigger mess than what you have today. So they have these different projects in terms of algorithmic choice, which has been Jack Dorsey's big thing. Like allowing people to choose their own algorithm and allowing third parties to create algorithms. That is not working yet because it's a very difficult problem to solve and you have to do that very carefully and you have to do that in a way that won't be abused and won't make the spam and the scamming problems worse. In terms of freeing stuff up and opening stuff up, Twitter funded blue sky, which is now a separate organization that is trying to build out the sort of social media protocol that Twitter could then use, which is sort of what I think Musk might mean when he says open-sourcing the algorithm. Just purely open-source in the algorithm and putting it on GitHub as he keeps saying, doesn't do what I think he thinks it would do. And also certainly opens up the system much more to the spammers and scammers that he's so upset about. He said yesterday he wants to put it on GitHub, put the algorithm on GitHub, which, yeah, that's not how it works right now. And that's just opening up all sorts of questionable things. Twitter, I think, is trying to be as transparent as open as possible. But they're doing it step by step very carefully because they recognize if they get that wrong. And they open up their systems in a way that leads to a vulnerability in the system or other kind of security floor, or opens it up to spammers and scammers and whoever else. That's not good. And so when you look at the things, if you look at sort of the best possible version of what he's talking about, and then you look at what Twitter.

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