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Afternoon news. It's John Hanson in for Mr Steve Burr trend here today I'll take you up till 6 30 the start of Game four of the Stanley Cup playoffs today. Thanks so much for joining us 312981 72 100 is the phone line would love for you to join in. You'll talked about Anderson first He's across the glass producing TJ gimbal over there to acting as our intern today, Mark Carmen in the sports hot car. Um, Long day for you, buddy. Hi, John. Guess indeed. Good to be here, Brother. Good to see you. Always good to see you, too. Let's hope those cubs can, uh Can get one here. It's been rough, nothing like nine losses in a row to ruin the season. Someone posted the last time or the last losing streaks over this long going back to I don't know when. And I was looking at the years and I'm like, Yeah, None of those years turned out. Good. Yeah. No, This is not the plan. This is not the formula for success. No, it isn't. Even though the White Sox had dropped a couple. It's a good news is the Indians have done the same thing? Yeah. Six Games up World Series for sure. Speaking of the Indians on this date, I believe my math is correct at 74 years ago. The Cleveland Indians took on the Chicago White Sox on the south side of Comiskey Park and Larry Doby made his debut. He took a train from New Jersey overnight to Chicago to become the first black player in the American League just a few weeks after Jackie Robinson I know a lot of you out there know the name Larry Doby. He managed for the White Sox. At one point, I consider myself a baseball connoisseur. And maybe I knew the name at some point, but I honestly didn't know much about him. And we've got Luke Evelyn coming. And he wrote a book about that Cleveland Indian team and the story of this incredible player who broke a huge barrier and his story is very different than Jackie Robinson's. It's an interesting chat, and, uh, I don't know, do you? I mean, did you know much about Larry Doby? I mean, I've heard the name a million times. But, uh, like I had forgotten that he had had managed with the White Sox and So that was you just piqued my interest there and you know he when you go back to Cleveland and breaking the color, very Bill Veeck own the Indians. At that point, Of course, he was the owner of the White Sox and just a huge figure in Chicago. Overall, Bill Veeck, so Just gotta get interesting when you do the history on it, But everybody talks about Jackie Robinson. I mean, Dolby came through three months later, and his treatment from all reports was straight. Brutal. Yeah, So it's a great topic, man. I think he said in an article a couple of many years ago at this point, he said, Of course, they treated me as bad as they treated Jackie. It wasn't like the second guy came in, and they were like, Oh, yeah, sure. Now we're all okay with it. And he had a really bad first year. He had a great secondary. We'll break that down with the author, and he had a Washington Post column out today about Luke Apple. We'll chat with him after the 4 30 news, But I want to say a little Bob Kessler to my friend. How are you doing? On this gorgeous Monday doing great. Yeah, Happy Fifth of July. I know it's weird What? It's always weird when the fourth falls on a Sunday already holiday does Right little bonus Day, a little bonus day, But I still felt yesterday. The Sunday scare ease, even though I had nothing to do, But come here. On my worst area here. No night. You're not nice to write. You guys are very pleasant. I'd be scared if it was someone else in your chair. Yeah, if it was clipping or something real work. Yeah, He's a teddy bear E Okay. Were there smiling Not to not to pick your guy's brain right off the start, but our first guest coming up in a little bit is going to chat us through. A topic. I have a lot of interest in. I'm about to read you guys a series of names Carmen and Kessler. And I want you to stop me when you know what each of these people have in common. Does that sound good? Okay, so all these names they all have something in common, William Ellery. Anything yet? No, no, no, it's fine. How about Francis Lewis? Francis Lewis. Any guesses yet those two bolted something Richard Stockton. Not naming not ringing the bell. I'm going to Google. Uh, very, very tempted to cheat right now. That's not Dick Stockton. And then long sample. No, no sports guy, Okay? I mean, that could be his full name. He doesn't have anything common. William Ellery Francis Lewis. Richard shocked at how about Charles Carroll? Is that helping you out at all? Carol? No. Was testing purple? No. You're making me look bad here. Kessler. You're supposed to come to the rescuers will know it either. So we're both equally 31 to 91 7200. If you can get this by the end of the list. I'll give you a high five across the phone line. Here's number five for you, Francis Hop Hopkinson. He's also on this list. Any guesses? Nothing. Nothing ringing about Got to Francis is to have you got to Francis's ones of Hopkinson is one's Louis. How about button? Gwinnett is if anything to do The Star Star Spangled Banner? No. Yes. Maybe. Maybe I'll don't don't shout it out quite yet. Because we've got another caller on the line. Upcoming answer for you that six of them. How about Caesar? Rodney? These are run. Okay? Yeah, He was a signer of the Eat the right go and finish it. Signed the Declaration of Independence. Yes, all those names I just listed off. Remember that? Okay, Here's how I remember. Please tell me how that was the one when I was in middle school, we watch the movie. Um 17 76, the musical. Oh, yeah, the seventies with William Daniels, you know, from later from boy meets world as I believe, Tom, not Thomas Jefferson. Forget who he played anyway. So in that film they had, like Caesar. Rodney had like a cloth over half of his face. And I remember our teacher saying, Well, he had cancer. And that was to keep people from so they wouldn't throw up And they look Oh, okay. That was the Yeah, I remember that. Well, you pull that deep from your brain there, Okay? No, that's just you know how certain things just Well in bed. Not like that. But apparently that one did for you know, I'm glad you got it, because that was the last name on the list. Yes, The seven names I just read were signers of the Declaration of Independence. We all know the famous ones. Of course, the writer the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, all of 33 years old, But since its July the fifth I wanted to figure out what happened to some of these guys after they signed The Declaration of Independence. Well, good news is we've got a best selling author on after this break to tell us some really cool stories about what happened to some of these guys that we've never heard of. Coming up on. W g. M 2.5. Hours ago, I placed.

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