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Kids who are not eligible vaccination feminine to our classrooms possibly exposing us to cove it. We're a national. And may i add deadly pandemic and the governor is playing politics. There are more children. Hospitalized with confirmed cova cases in florida than any other state but the governor has been masked mandates in schools even threatening to withhold pay of school boards. That require masks but a handful of florida. School districts are defined. The governor's order and requiring masks. Anyway you think your best move right now is keeping the mask on vaccinated. It's happening in texas to were the state's biggest school districts in austin dallas or challenging their governors ban on mask mandates. The superintendent in dallas says he is willing to face a fine consequences for whatever actions you take and i'd rather take that consequence than have health of students and staff and families On my mind this week. The country's largest teacher's union said it will back vaccine mandates for teachers something. Dr anthony fao she supports. I'm going to have set some people on this. But i think he should. I mean we are in a critical situation. Now we've had six hundred fifteen thousand plus debts and we are in a major surge. Now as we're going into the fall into the school season this is very serious business in the concern for the young only growing after falling for months. The number of children being hospitalized with covert spiking to its highest point on record in saint petersburg florida serena solomon seven year old son. Bryce was supposed to start second-grade tomorrow but he started feeling feverish and was rushed to the er. he's now in isolation with covert as mass should be mandated and the schools because kids are kitchen it as quick in his rapidly as adults tonight a new projection from the cdc shows the number of covert patients flowing into hospitals could soar as high as thirty three thousand a day by early. September hospitals under siege. Austin has just to icu beds for more than two million people in critics pointing out an irony while governor. Abbott is looking for help from other states. He is still sticking to his ben. Unmask mandates and at memorial hermann southwest in houston. Icu nurse jennifer steenberg and her staff pushed to their limit. I feel like we've lost this fight and my nurses feel the same way we are at the end. There's despair there's trauma. There's anger there's frustration. They're putting their lives on the line to fight. Covet what is everybody else doing into. Let's bring in victory. Kenda tonight and victor. I know. we're also learning this evening. About vaccinating americans these breakthrough cases rare. But they're happening and that hospitalizations among the vaccinated or also on the rise just given the sheer number of cases involving this delta variant david while we don't have the exact numbers health officials say that the proportion vaccinated patients has risen sharply along with the rise of the delta varian according to the cdc vaccinated individuals who end up hospitalized tend to be elderly or medically vulnerable but experts stressed that the vaccines are working without them. We could have even more people in the hospital. David alright victory kendall reporting tonight victor. Thank you when you heard the troubling numbers on children and the virus tonight driven by this delta variant and with millions of school children heading back to school. You know many of you have questions about all this at home. So let's get right to dr. Richard besser someone. We know well here former acting director of the cdc. The president of the robert wood johnson foundation. At practicing pediatrician. Dr great to have you always wanted to get right to those numbers. We heard in victor's report. We learned just today that the number of children in the hospital now with the virus is now at the highest number since this pandemic began. I knew the cdc hasn't said yet if the delta variant is more severe in children but in just looking at the map the sheer number of cases. Here we're going to see an increase in severity in cases. You know that that's right david. The virus doesn't have to be more severe for more children to be severely affected. If it's spreading rampantly we're gonna see more kids who are cases thankfully most will be mild but we will see more children in the hospital and unfortunately we will see more children who lose their life to this. Prevent largely preventable infection. Doctor is for you know. We're seeing in some states and we reported that just moments ago school leaders in some cases now defying governors telling parents. Please send your children to school with masks on what about parents who are worried about the other children in class who might not have a mask on. How big of a dangerous. This well you know. I think it's important that if parents have a choice that they do put a mask on their children. I think we need to create space for governors to change their mind given the situation is different and parents need to recognize as well that the most important thing they can do to their for their children's health is get their own questions answered and decide to get a vaccine that will protect their children and others around them. I know many parents actually turned to you. You're practicing pediatrician. What do you say to parents who might say leaders. Have no right to tell me to have my kid where mascot school well you know if it were a decision. That only affected your child's health. I would say that's great. You can make that choice. But when a child wears a mask they protect themselves. They protect the children around them and they protect teachers and staff who may have immune problems that mean the vaccines. Don't bride them with the full protection that they need so it's not just a matter of individual choice and would just a few moments left here. Rich i'm curious. What you make of these new. Cdc projections today. Worst case scenario that we could see the tens of thousands of cases by early september. If we don't get this under control. Is there anything we can do right now to try to slow the curve here. Well the most important thing that we can do is increase the number of people who were vaccinated and a lot of people have questions. Hopefully the fda will give final approval to these vaccines and that will lead more people to consider vaccination. It is the best way forward. Dr richard besser. Doctor be always great to have you with us here. Thanks so much david. All right to the other news. This tuesday night at a major victory in washington for president bind the senate passing his trillion dollar infrastructure. Plan with bipartisan support. Nineteen republicans voting with democrats today. But what does this bill face in the house. Radio scott on.

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