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It will be here now it's time for rapid traffic there is no racing at road america this week as we had was lastly i love this of all well you he takes up all the days that i'm not here but that he's got all these other days off i be how how does that possibly work yeah he he manages to always knowing your well obviously have an heroic if he has his all the days off that i've off how can you still have extra days off that because he worked six days a week maiming is that what it is we'll all he does it know all of a sudden he doesn't know he i think he cata regrets that he made that comment on take it up these days that i uh your own dowie's though on that i mean maybe one or two of them he went from all those all to one or two a year southbound forehand as a jerry battered the show this morning yeah well then then uh the other guy did it thursday and wednesday he did a two days right well i it what i know i was i guess i should have said two days but the went on that was yeah i didn't see jerry here this morning sinous was jerry other days i do not know 43 southbound at well street a crash in the left lane and this has got things you think our station serves any purpose if we're just going to offer the same crap the get everywhere else no they're never has it my thanks the point i'm beyond there is a distinct difference here in fact now especially this is the only place to get yeah i mean that that is a good race wtmj deciding that they're going to put the mayor of all creek on talk at about how many cream puffs seek an affair you know they're there there's nothing left in this state you know.

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