Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders, CNN discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


Sean spicer or what sarah sanders does and chooses to do i think is really unfortunate but i think what's important is that the press corps you can't be led you buy a motion you can't get angry you have a job to do and you have to keep pressing and keep pressing and you have to work with each other john king our colleague at cnn often said you know when we will talk about questions to ask it's important that we feed off of each other instead of just play for ourselves we have to be listening and work as a grueling follow up on when followup and yes you know at the white house press pool core can be it can be there could be a pack mentality there could be group thank there can be laziness times if you don't work together you're just not going to you're not gonna get anywhere and i so i think that's the key to it that's the key to it and i think you know the efforts to to marginalize them is something that's unfortunate and and you know it's very easy to see through it let me ask you a couple more a personal questions i meant to ask you about your mom we talk yet your dad she had her own struggles uh when you're when you were yeah yeah my mom and it we had a big impact on me in terms of i would say you know my own sense of identity my ambition my mom was an alcoholic she's been sober now over thirty years good for yom in she she struggled with addiction early on and certainly when married to my father and you know it's when you're a child of a of an addict you know you do everything he can to protect that secret and it sucks in its.

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