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Credible motion all time with and it together falling the tragic death the suicide the sophomore jordan hankins back then january ninth the team heading he was going to get to minnesota they have actually did three games since this is a team that has come together and they're playing there's who we wanted cincinnati tragic passing a couple days after the last analogy january deceptive for starters to be posted that is a little bit when you get these junctures who waiting on that workers today is also during the couple special teams more that was also a nice you know during the nineteen eighty two i don't believe that he beat you if there's thirty fifth anniversary the nineteen eighty seven with you can you can beat your team thirtieth anniversary that with the coming up also did ages vishal dance around fans of it here that you would be just three games the it was an honor was nineteen managers if you throw on their way he's going to go you know that we yeah would be here for if he's able to make it today here's an orgy last thank you to go that but he's here today you've got to do so they did kids you get your knees at the break about he is a week away your to the you're listening every week you can him to the table to be true was going through registry these teams in his you might made rangers man the match to someone who's already as we get closer to two yeah skating for your starting senior void with the five four three d erie from amount texas she's a super player in terms of steals it assist and he's doing to the other i am or geno say he's basketball she was the only last year jordan hankins it's used to a five believe we determined inspired basketball.

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