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Assets wtp FM Braddock heights Frederick. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Mary de pampa. All right, going to the freeway mark our crash now with a tow truck on scene, but delays on three 95 begin in Arlington across the 14th street bridge to the southwest freeway at the third street tunnel right lane. And if you're heading north into the tunnel, you would stay to the right to get by the crash at the gore point, leaving the district 66 is jammed out of the Rosalind tunnel working toward glib road are offered activity crash has cleared from your travel lanes, both sides of the beltway are jammed in Virginia to get to Georgetown pike one 93, exit 44. If you're on the outer loop, it's the left lane they're backing up picking up the cones, however the inner loop north is still blocking that right lane watch for the flashing lights. Both sides of 95 in Virginia working the Dale City, the work zone blocking the left lane north 95 out of spottsylvania passing 17 work blocks the left lane. And 95 heading north in Maryland passing through two 16, the works on there is blocking the right lane, the WTF traffic center is presented by window nation, no payment, no interest until 2025, visit when the nation dot com today, Mary de pumpa, WTO traffic. Storm team four is chuck bell. An easy start to the month of March, partly to mostly sunny temperatures well above average today, 60 to 62 for a high tomorrow to be even milder, 68 under a mostly cloudy sky, it will be breezy tomorrow

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