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Theme of his trip working with partners to push back against Iran's influence in the region. Pompeii will be visiting Ron's main rival Saudi Arabia and all the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Michele Kelemen, NPR news. But Clemson Tigers are college football's new champion in a route Clemson stunned favored, Alabama, forty four to sixteen NPR's Tom Goldman reports something unexpected happened on the way to Alabama's expected six title in ten years the crimson tide. Played a Clemson team that believed it was better. And proved it Clemson head coach Dabo Sweeney spoke to ESPN after last night's win. Our guys were focused on trying not just to win the game. But to leave no doubt to attack from the opening snap to set the tone early less than two minutes into the game. Clemson intercepted a pass by celebrated Alabama. Quarterback to of vilo in ran it back for a touchdown from their Clemson freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence sparkled and clemson's defense overwhelmed bama's von offense, holding the tide scoreless from early in the second quarter to the end of the game. Tangled NPR news. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. Officials with the UN refugee agency are looking after an eighteen year old Saudi woman in Thailand, RAF Muhammed, Al Kanoun is seeking asylum in a western country and says she's fleeing an abusive family, her father is a Saudi government official u n officials are questioning Alkan who had sent out desperate pleas for help on social media. Tennessee's governor has granted clemency to a Nashville woman. Her case drew national attention after seeing arena tweeted about her from member station. W P L N Natasha sin Ianovich has more sin. Toya Brown was sixteen when she killed a man who paid her for sex now thirty she would not have been eligible for parole until the year twenty fifty seven behind bars, she's become a mentor to troubled youth, and is on her way to a second college degree. In the meantime, Tennessee's loss. Also changed today all minors involved in sex trafficking are considered victims which means they're treated differently by the criminal Justice system in granting clemency. Term limited governor Bill has lem called life sentences for juveniles too harsh and pointed to Brown's personal transformation. She'll be released in August. And we'll be on parole for the next ten years.

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