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Yeah and now they're like a ton of grand a year when you add it all up are something like close to that seems ridiculous and you haven't do know is that why you like never say no to anything oh yeah i take everything the i i look i'm here we don't pay joel but this danny trae ho hafi another one another coffee and there's no one how many do you have three was katie going to get that or is she gonna continue with buying more jaws movie paraphernalia she is wearing a josh shirt and the case on her phone is jus please do not get the milk that's in the large because that is spoiled but continues to exist in the fridge is there another one there dammit why were you trying to poison people well i mean it would make you stay longer about last night poster you got here i guess there's not enough pissed oh thanks a lot johanna one chills hopes up i'm danny trails don't coffee known first time order from it yeah the coffee was good pretty good right did you get it at the corner of santa monica and lebron i think that's where it comes from or highland now you drove all the way down no post made it boom he's doing very well yeah you can afford that extra look at all your movie posters around thanks man now stays up all the time yeah menia trust me there are times when i lock eyes with brad in compromising situations.

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