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Shelter in place on Tuesday, while law enforcement searched for the suspect involved in a robbery at the Walkinshaw State Bank and a Carjacking and other incidents as well. He later crashed on I 94 near Golden Lake Road and took off running. Police had been searching for him, telling people to call 911 and lock their doors today. Police say acting on a tip officers arrested the suspect near Lake Delton. Alfonso Morales is dusting off his badge in preparation for a possible return as Milwaukee police chief nearly a year after the firing Police commission demoted him on Saturday morning, My client will return to the position of chief of police of the city market. This attorney Frank Campbell says. There's no settlement in sight with the city at least not before a court mandated deadline runs out this coming weekend. This Morella's really want the job back. He Believes that he will have an opportunity now to demonstrate that not only was the decision flood legally but from the point of view of public safety, that it was a bad decision. No further talks are scheduled. That doesn't say that something couldn't come out of the winds. But I'm not optimistic about that. Although the commission does meet today Jane Miller WTMJ News. Meanwhile, the Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission expected to announce who will be the new Tosa police chief. Commission is going to announce that this afternoon among the candidates, the current acting chief at Milwaukee Milwaukee Bucks playoff coverage Now on WTMJ. Yeah, it's not expected to play in Game five of the Bucks Hawks Eastern Conference finals after hyper extending his knee in Game four with the series nodded at two games apiece. The box may have to protect Yannis from himself. Wtmj Brian D. How do you hold your injured Star player back when all he wants to do is be out there. Who was president of baseball operations. David Stern's empathizes with his Bucks counterparts stuff and you deal with it at different points throughout the season, and it's really tough in the playoffs, and I'm sure that's what the box are going through right now. Fortunate. Relieved. Everyone is that that it's not a serious injury and looking forward to hopefully getting back on the court this year. It will be fun to watch. Janice is doubtful for tonight's Game five coverage here on WTMJ starts at seven. The Bucks and Hawks again from Pfizer form Tonight We have Wisconsin's afternoon news broadcasting from the Dear District, starting at three p.m. Some big news coming from Washington today, the U. S. Supreme Court upholding a controversial voting restriction in Arizona victory for Arizona Republicans. The U. S. Supreme Court by a vote of 6 to 3 decided to state election restrictions do not meet the criteria for discrimination. Those restrictions, invalidate ballots cast in the wrong precinct and band campaigns or community groups from collecting ballots and then deliver. Moment of voters behalf. Justice, Alito said Neither law violates Section two of the Voting Rights Act in dissent, Justice, Kagan said. What is tragic here is that the court has yet again rewritten in order to weaken a statute that stands as a monument to America's greatness and protects against its basest impulses. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS NEW YORK Rescue efforts at the site of the partially collapsed condo building in South Florida have been halted for the time being out of concern about the stability of the remaining structure. This as President Biden Is in South Florida today. Sports Traffic and Weather Next setting Unlimited WTMJ news time 10 04 Dave.

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