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But when you get in there with the galley that's like working with Milenko or eagle as long as you're kind of holding on you'll get put in and out of stuff. Like, oh, yeah. How did they do that? Puzzle. Yeah. Yeah. Just just his his style is so unique and flowing. Yup. Just it'd be Gumby or somebody. So I would assume that Zach is probably the British champion champion is she's a champion seizes champion right now. So maybe this is the time Zack say Virginia. We'll get the title and bring that back to Europe. It's. And I don't know. I know like in Debbie, they always keep an eye on how many titles which is. There are. Whereas last year. Yeah, I know in wrestle kingdom. I think there was like six times. Care. You have to watch it. Yeah. So I'm going to say keep it on. She just because I'm sure there's going to be awesome, other switches. Sure, that's my prediction. What's yours? The I'll go with these. She. Okay. Yeah. Then you got kind of the new era bullet club, Tama Tonga and Tango versus the young bucks versus evil Tanada for the idea. BGP tag Hijaz another three way. Yeah. This is just too many guys on Ross. Because I junior tag team title match this either GP tact him tighter, much, both triple threat. Yeah. And that's reminds me of wrestlemainia yet through just guys. Right. So many multi person matches too many guys where you just you want to get everybody on the show. Yeah. Word we just talk about this via the doc match. Thirty guys look at all the guys in there. I mean, and so it's kind of the same with. I think the young bucks were kinda the the odd bucks out support him in there for the three way. You know? I it's a good mix of styles. Yeah. This one, you know, and it's interesting to me when you're talking about Tama, Tonga, Tanga low and and kind of this new bullet club. I'm wondering is it time to change the name? Do we do we I would say it's time station. I think so like bullet club has been through so many different phases and guys and his so synonymous over the last couple of years with the box canyon, Cody. And now that they're gone. It seems like they want to change it to something else. You know, the whatever the yeah. But the I guess the companies still have to sell March. Now the bullet. I guess it's to bind it. Yeah. End up not shirt stuff like that and still going. So I mean that that's GM concept. Yeah. But the evils another Bambi. Yeah. You know? And this is nothing. You know, if you go online and read how the young bucks talking about how they're you know, they're done with ring of honor. And there's new things happening. I mean, they might it seems to me that this might be one of the last times we see box, and Cody, and and maybe even canny, which we'll talk about later. But if the bucks are gone, they won't be winning so. Yeah. Evil and sonata. I think is your best bet. You know, it's gonna be weird though. Because I mean, the the box every match to have is so good. But you know, I mean, I even sonata they'll take them, right? You yvonne. And now here's another thing to these guys have to go on after the other three way junior tag team. It's almost like the same style of match right again. Right with three teams six people in the ring, and as a wrestler, it's hard to do that. When you have. It's like having two cage matches in one night. Once you see won back to back. Yeah. If I was the the bucks an evil, and Tom I would wanna go on before guys. You know, the other guys. Yeah. Then we got the US title. Cody, don't call them roads versus juice Robinson for the idea BGP US Thailand. And here's the interesting, and you can tell me about this. How is it? I mean Kenny in Jericho notwithstanding. Can you get the the heat as to foreigners in a match like this juice Robinson is considered new Japan wrestler?.

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