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Aghast drive like coach Peterson because the bird stars drive barbaric cars go birds in the K. one of your twenty four hour traffic center okay I would is what the forecast was CVS three Stephanie Savonia moderate tidal flooding will be possible through the early afternoon for areas along the Jersey Shore and at the Delaware beaches otherwise were cloudy chilly and breezy with highs around forty two but you will want to dress for wind chills in the thirties we can't rule out a sprinkle or two in the city this afternoon but better chances for showers will exist for areas south and east closer to the coast you showers will be possible everywhere overnight as temperatures dropped thirty six by Monday morning our shower and drizzle chance stays in the forecast on Monday with highs around forty five body thirty five here the broadcast center in spring garden were heading up to forty two this afternoon just ahead three things to note keep your family warm this winter with new window nation windows and their triple zero sale but zero money down zero payments and zero percent financing until twenty twenty one plus get fifty percent off any style window call eight six six ninety nation today or window nation dot com check back to you three four times a day depend on KYW newsradio right now at ten forty five Louisiana's democratic governors reelected despite seven fifteen state by president trump stump for his Republican opponent activist Colin Kaepernick is a no show for example try out and slings some more vitriolic the NFL team owners recapping our top story a ten year old is still hospitalized in critical condition five people were in police custody charged in that Friday night shooting at a football game in Pleasantville New Jersey that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes good morning I market stand mica he's the editor stance.

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