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Desist bringing back to win i would make deals with myself the deal i would make with myself as after working i was waitress i would go to the gas station philip my tank and by the jumbo size of gummy bears right and i would say to myself okay i can eat his money gummy bears as i can until i hit the freeway exit in the window and i would just put my hand in there and shove leaders fish and gummy bears into my mouth so i couldn't even chew them myself sick i used to play that game to accept that i would throw it out the window you only way i could stop so yeah yeah wow it's it's i'm so glad that you and i are sharing so honestly because there's people sometimes feel so alone in these behaviors oh gosh now named full of these behaviors and there's absolutely no reason because you're one of many many many people who have done this come stuff with food and sandra honestly that's what attracted me to your story it's like you know i was never a hundred pounds and i never experienced that but the behaviors were you know very similar so very similar to more stories because it's the same drug and you were getting the same high like what we know about food is food increases neuro transmitters in our brain but i'd increases dopamine increases serotonin in increases endorphins and these are all in the reward center these are all feel good niro transmitters so yes you were you know probably restricting i wasn't.

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