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I wanna take a moment ought to be a little bit sentimental about mr kkob being bryant kobe bryant has won an oscar i mean is unbelievable this is this is i mean i giggo with prada giggo with an increase julie i mean i i don't even know what to say i listen i'm not an individual it as a doubt at kobe bryant about minute minutes things i mean he's a fivetime champion is a fourtime allstar game mvp the twotime nba finals mvp he's a to tom scoring champion i mean it did this this dude is destined to be a first ballot all of famer i i'm not somebody that i don't doubt kobe bryant for much but never ever in my wildest dreams did i ever believe i'd be sitting up here on a stephen a smith show radio show on national television our first take on sports in only played i never dreamed of my wildest dreams that i'd be same it kobe bryant has won an oscar an ad i can't believe it it it's unbelievable but i'm unbelievably proud i mean i just can't say enough about him uh what what a champion in every in every stretch of the imagination a work ethic that he puts in the vision that he has uh the fact that he would only look back to correct errors before moving forward that he didn't spend tom lamenting on what might have been but he was all about capturing what was in front of them are that's the mentality that winners born of that's the mentality to champions born of and for him to win an academy award you know for you know his his his basketball poll saying goodbye to the game of basketball i mean i just don't know what to say i saw a lot of days done odyssey that covet i couldn't believe it when it was announced i couldn't believe that his dear basketball uh winds an oscar for you know i mean i don't i just don't know to animated short category i just couldn't believe it.

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