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Freeways and streets. Are they not have you seen salt trucks? Have you seen plows? If you've listened to me much, you know, I'm not a big fan of this mayor mayor ginther, I expect to things out of my mayor, and that is to keep my city safe and keep my city clean. This is a time that gets very pronounced when it comes to city services. How's the city doing house? Oh dot doing. Are you seeing trucks in your on your streets? Are you seeing trucks in your neighborhoods? Eight two one nine eight hundred sixty two one WTVN. Join me in studio. Allison wyatt. Also with me as Joe Jewett guys. This is usually when we see this was a storm that we had advanced warning that it was coming and last night. I got off work. I went home I needed gas. The first thing I do when I find that. We're gonna have significant storm is I get a gas tank. That's full I wanna full gas tank just to be safe. Exactly last night. Mrs west side and daughter Danielle went to Kroger we went to Kroger, and I got gas there. And then I laughed they went in chopped. Alison, you were there at the same time. Exactly. I was Howard the Howard the shelves hours. There's something about Snow White. It's a white death. And there's just a March on the grocery store. That's what I expected. But I mean, it was busy. But it wasn't. It wasn't like day before thanksgiving or thanksgiving morning. Yeah. I was definitely busy. Some some of the shelves were picked over like I went for some chips, and there is a certain cat food. Yeah. And there was one box left. I was like mine what kind of chips. What's your comfort? Chip. I got some pita chips pita chips. Yes. Some HAMAs pita chips. Okay. And there was one box left one box of the kind that I wanted. So I got that. So what was picked over some of the other flavors? Some of the other varieties of chips were missing the cookie. I'll was hit up pretty hard. Yeah. Yeah. How about beer call? You know, what I did not get any? But I did notice that the like the end cap where they have all the different for. You could definitely tell a select few were missing for. Sure gioja. You went to the store yesterday morning. What was that? Like, I couldn't tell you. What it was like inside the store? I do the curb side or the click list. Oh, my heated driveway. Well, I al- I always do it. I I find it's convenient and it actually saves me money, even when they charged the five dollars service charge pampering. You liked the pampering Bill? It saves me time. I don't have to go in. There is no impulse buying. I have time. To completely look over the circular, so he can get the sale items. It's great in the in. The rare instance where I need you can't say you can't place an order and then pick something up in an hour. So in the rare instance where I actually do need to go into the store. It's an it is an adventure. 'cause like at Kroger. It's almost always the same the same kid that picks my groceries. It's some guy named Aaron. His name's on the thing. So one time I had to go in there. I needed to get I get like hard boiled eggs sometimes. And I couldn't find them. And I'm like, Erin..

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