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First hour and a half it it runs for life fourteen fifteen sixteen hours first hour and a half his absence amazing we'll talk about that coming up in a little bit but i want to be just a tad selfindulgent for for just a moment when i grow up i was a fan of pro wrestling my late grandmother to this day with her dying day she refused to believe the fact that pro wrestling was predetermined it oshii he just as all adds that sin and she would but i i would say i can't tell you how many hours i spent for when i was a little kid in a watching pro wrestling with with my grandmother and she was she was just int she was just into if she is actually very sweet woman but she was just like into pro wrestling so i i i came by a came by my interests um legitimately so growing up here in milwaukee wisconsin i used to remember watching the show's can i see a show of hands like the old american wrestling association the awa with vern ganja and the crusher in the bruiser and mad dog with sean and dr rex and all these people i i used to watch a law last night actually sometimes i i tend to go to the matches at the old milwaukee auditorium now the milwaukee theater i bring this up because over the weekend one of the legendary characters first of all in the american wrestling association awa and later on a tv is part of wwe bobby the brain one of arguably the greatest russ ling managers in history on passed away over the weekend dumb after fighting cancer died at the age of of 73 he was diagnosed with throat and tunky answering two thousand two spent several years battling.

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