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Hidden brain is produced by hidden brain media. Our production team includes Brigitte McCarthy, Christian Wang, Laura corral, autumn Barnes, Ryan cats and Andrew Chadwick. Tara Boyle is our executive producer. I'm hidden brains executive editor. Our unsung heroes today are Jimmy hart and Thai hymen. Jimmy and Thai are sales engineers at sweetwater, a company that sells equipment and software for musicians and audio producers. Whenever we reach out, they respond quickly and helpfully. As Lauren norgren might say, they reduce all the frictions that might get in the way of our work. As an added bonus, they are a delight to work with. Thank you, Jimmy and ty. Coming up next week on our work two series, if all work and no play is a recipe for misery, is there a way to make work more like play? It's not that we can turn work into a game and then work becomes amazing, but we can take aspects of games that make work compelling or make learning compelling and apply those. For more hidden brain, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. You'll find new research insights about human behavior, a brain teaser, and a moment of joy. You can subscribe at news, dot hidden brain, dot org. I'm shankar vedantam. Support for hidden brain comes from Ashley Holm's door. Ashley home store is the number one furniture and mattress retailer in North America, offering everything from decor and accessories to your next perfect mattress. Ashley homestore provides products designed to last at affordable prices so you can trust you're getting the best deal without sacrificing quality. Visit a local Ashley home store near you or shop online today at Ashley homestore dot.

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