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Sit there and talk all you on and say your this or sayer that but if you truly feel certain away it's because you've experienced success and we got to win some of these close games than when you do you start to believe it more you can say all you want but you have to do it to believe it and on the more you do it easier gets and i truly do believe it becomes a habit i think that's why you can go on losing streets but i also think that's why you can go on wednesday weeks also and those close games it's if you've fought through omb and you have gone through some adversity and you've ended up coming out on top you start to believe it because you've done it before and when you feel that way that gives you a confidence that when you have that confidence it's much easier to win now there's a couple of these always wanted to know about like a guy like brian hoyer who has been a backup who has started is games in now being the starter you just wish that sometimes it or maybe not i mean this coming from you do you want him to take a little bit more chances you want him to push the ball down the feel a bit more like he does when you guys are down i mean it is it like it's effortless he just leads at ribbon it just seems like play after play continues to open up and i've always wondered is it that more un is ear or is it just the game dictating everything in the defense giving him you know just a little bit more shots down the field it's both you know there's been others times in the game were a couple of opportunity as an opportunity one that he dismissed the coverage on there was another opportunity later that he was about to throw what i i thought it was going to be a walk nad are touchdown and we missed a protection and that was early in the second quarter when backed up than it happen later in the game where he got.

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