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Good afternoon at this local news update at four thirty one on KGO health officials warning consumers not to eat romaine lettuce grown in Salinas here's correspondent Jim Johnson health officials say they're investigating a new food poisoning outbreak involving eek coli bacteria and they're telling consumers to avoid romaine grown in Salinas California or skip the leafy green variety entirely if the label doesn't say where it came from at least forty people have gotten sick in more than a dozen states not unlike the incidences of illness that came just before thanksgiving last year food safety experts say produce grown in open fields and eaten raw is especially tough to monitor for contamination I'm Jan Johnson says a police have arrested a man and a home where officers found what appeared to be several improvised explosive devices Andrew page white was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant officers had a search warrant for white and connects with a homemade bomb found this week at Oak Grove high school but it's not known whether white was responsible for that device the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case involving three Muslim Americans who are suing F. B. I. agents here's correspondent Linda Kenny on the mend sued the agent saying they put their names on the federal government's no fly list because they refused to spy on their fellow Muslims a federal appeals court ruled the men could see wonder in nineteen ninety three statute called the religious freedom restoration act the men claimed their refusal to become government informants and terrorism related investigations was based at least in part on their religious beliefs the justice department on behalf of the trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to find that federal law does not permit lawsuits seeking money damages against individual employees of the federal government Linda Kenyan Washington and the holiday travel season is now in full swing with today dubbed as the busiest holiday travel day at San Francisco International Airport airport officials say the Sunday after thanksgiving is the second busiest travel day at SFO Wednesday is expected to be the busiest travel day overall for the thanksgiving weekend and heather is taking a look at the roadways she is starting in Solano county next on KGO your educational videos top quality right here you'll never hear anyone selling education on the street.

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