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The NFL today at noon, Eastern Pacific on CBS. Great Game. Two chiefs have a tough road. A few weeks, Ravens tonight. A hell of a football game. 855 to 1 to four. CBS the phone number. We're talking fell now, but I'm just going to. I'm going to be angry at Robert Manfred. Just for a moment. The commission Major League Baseball just for a quick second. Because we just talked about how baseball starts tomorrow with his cluster a best of three. Siri's. It'll be really, really entertaining because you look the first game and you're almost out of the playoffs. There was out. It's over. You're a game away from elimination. So like, okay, I'm a national league. I mean, if you're an American League person, that's great, right. You gonna grow up your various league and I'm old enough that I grew up watching the nationally when you didn't play American League team, so I didn't even watch American League teams play that much baseball. As it comes from Like I feel like I'm you know, I'm interested in some American League. Siri's. I'm really interested. The National League. I look at the schedule and it's cool because I kind of like when the MBA bubble restart happened games all day long. They're going to be two o'clock East Coast games tomorrow and noone East Coast games on Wednesday. So for me on the West Coast for those of you out West We get 10 A.m. and nine AM Games all day based all day sports the matter. Yeah, but Wednesday is a sports fan. You're going to watch baseball all day right at the start of the N B a finals. And then the next to get your NFL football. There's ineffable, not a very good game, but still exciting. Now look at the schedule. And there's not a nationally game tomorrow..

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