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To nine ninety four ninety four Brian is in Williamstown. Hey, brian. Brian going once twice Brian goes on hold, and we talked to Sean ROY for what's up, Sean. Hey there. I'm right here. Sean are you there? Hey, I got through to. Yeah. I gotta say one about the whole falls much debate. I'm not on TV. I'm not foes. I'm glad for what Wentz. Did you get us to last year with what falls to the Super Bowl? But you can't keep both like you make your choice, which one they want one or the other. It's like it's like, you know, your wife, and you can't have the shit have to boyfriends. You know, what I mean, you gotta pick one or the other. You can't have both eventually, Sean that gets messy, right? Like you. You think you could do it? But you can't do it. Yeah. Exactly. Like, you keep person waiting in the wings, and in each one wants to know what's going on. So I mean, both falls is a folk hero. I love him to death. But I think the bigger outside and like I said I like I'll be happy with either one at the Ali both of them. And yeah, I I'm just happy with what he did. Appreciate the phone. Call their eight at eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four stuff does happen, right. The ball goes Ralston's hands lose a game. Listen, we have parks coming up, eight o'clock tonight. He will Elliott actually wrote a piece on the website ninety four w I p dot com. Fighting for the idea and trying to lay out the idea of why they should try to bring back Nick foles, and he's kind of on the opposite side of this one than I am in Elliott, laid out reasons they could make it work. I just think that the situation. Would eventually turn out to be a negative for the eagles. And I think they'd have a legitimate quarterback controversy in their locker room, and I would take the money that Nick foles is going to make and build the best possible roster for next year. If they truly believe in Carson Wentz to believe in his health. Then you gotta just move on from the quarterback if they don't believe that Carson Wentz they get out of here and keep Nick foles put the way they talk today. The way Doug spoke today. It certainly sounds like they're.

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