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The three of them together they're all similar alot sophia loren could act pretty much from the beginning the repel of could neither could cloudy chiarinelli were they both jesse or bucks them or whenever term you wanna use for him and so that's how they moved along the trio to becoming stars i think raquel welsh became much better as she got older as she moved into our moved into the reality of okay i'm going to have an acting career so i've got to learn how to act that's a good start usually well there are a lot of people who if you go back further when the casting couch was first used by howard hughes a he found ava gardner that way who was also quite testy bus the bucks of motorola and there were most of the earlier marilyn monroe although i never thought she was when you see pictures of her do you think she's chesty there's nothing the byerly monroe she voluptuous he's also really i think they they say though like in person she was actually really tiny whose very small jet it was only i think at her most wasn't she only like a size eight or at twelve or something and that was back then that's yes ocean really moller would have been like maybe a forest say us maybe have first actress who really worked out she store sorta started a routine she was very physical and worked out all the time and that may have been that may have set the stage for things that happened with others later on down the line anyway i don't know how i just want to do acknowledge that i was thinking about raquel welsh and where the people actually knew would this be another divide between me as a baby boomer and the ladies as at least two of the three ladies as millennials lodged this i can do i condemn millennial trek are you ready yet ready he cara yeah have you ever watched happy days yes i have watched happy yeah you ruin my millennials rai a chucker makes fun of me because i have never seen episode of happy days are moving guide yeah i get hidden tell you all that much about it but it's one of those shows this on tv all the time with like reruns let go through a yeah i've never seen a great description vinyl urged does not dvr that wallet as was.

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