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Oh, cool because coups where where was supposed to go. He was supposed to go on a so the Lakers. And that's where you went Mandy missed. They didn't necessarily miss because he still went where it was supposed to go. I mean, I'm happy. We got him coups is here. Here's what a former general manager said about Kaku. He's a legitimate score. That fits the modern NBA perfectly Kouzmin has the highest value the Lakers, young prospects. He's the most proven you'd said admitting that they've got that piece figured out. The other piece is this though, and the GM continued to say this the consistency of his three point shooting and defense must improve kouzmines. Not a good defender, but he's not as much of a liability as Brandon Ingram. So say former general manager told Bleacher report this former general manager former. Yeah. So he's on the street meeting miss. Miss always Bill Polian components of former. So it just because you don't mean that you were an idiot. I think what it means. A former here's what I would say Bill Polian is go put his name to it though. True. The difference. The difference. Bill is going to say x general manager nine time executive of the year. Bill polian. Right. This particular person. And that's fine is Bleacher reports reporting it she put his name to just inform executive. If you don't need a former generally. You don't need to be a former general manager to do know what he just said. And that is if you've watched the Lakers even intermittently, you know that Kyle kouzmines the best young player. They have. He's the best before he. Yes. Yes. For sure if you watch the Lakers, even intermittently, you know that Brandon Ingram is very frustrating. Even if you just because there was not a better example of Brandon Ingram, then Saturday night against the rockets wherever three three quarters and change. It was like weird is he especially when Lonzo went down. You're like, dude, let's go. And then all of a sudden something clicked something got him to fully engage because for most of the fourth quarter in the entire order. He couldn't miss. I mean, he was tearing people up, right? And my question is even with all that even would him doing all that he looked like a hot dog to me. He looked like he was forced in his self to to hit those shots to take those shots. You know, he's dribbling all the way down to the last few seconds. He sitting there. Like, he's on the playground somewhere. In other news is all in a corner. They waiting agree. Right. And he's still hot dog. I mean, look I'm happy hitter shots. He hit them. You know, we needed the offense. He's frustrating. Because key and Travis there a moment's like in overtime, which you like on. All. Yeah. See we got this right here. We bought the eat now. But sometimes it's famine long stretches long stretches his famine. Yes, Rosh you guys you guys talking about camello and he's played on a number of team. And you know, got me to thinking about..

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