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Phages, Eighty Ninety Thousand Dollars, Sixteen Fifteen Years discussed on expediTIously with Tip "T.I." Harris


They have been with a man because no because phages loved him and yet because damn when when I got what you ooh that's real so much low street money the idea I mean I was up like the high five figures out eighty ninety thousand dollars the only because of macaroni that was an adverse individuals it'd been like what is it is he a family mash is travel is late and they were all lovey veto a kiss showgirl and go took my easy in DNA lead much own is all real real visit expeditiously I am suit now the following experience is not a test conversation stores expressed on this podcast meant to be expression of purpose and trump this show probably title expeditiously is a free exchange of ideas and opinions no judgment no preconceived beliefs no fear courage to share your thoughts as any question as long as we speak your through true love and respect for others that we would change the way on the speak truth to power one show and turn to do this expeditiously I'm tipped hairs we all know the marriage relationships are not easy serve its top especially when you're talking about op six with that I've decided to do a topical episode around relationships marriage however this is not an attempt to give you the same fair to Unicorn approach to marriage but rather have an authentic no-holds-barred discussion about shit did everybody wants to know via she you know what I'm saying it might be afraid now given that I have not been one to shy away from critical issues I thought what better platform to have this discussion then my new podcast and who better to have it with then my life partner my matrimonial the sad missed to Mika hairy y'all what's going on uh-huh okay so today we give him the juice you know what I'm saying we got a lot of guys who WanNa know why folks should they even bothered in the first place and a lot of girls the no why can't I married someone no Westwood they bother and I think they already don't they get half his sheep so do we go have a nice private conversations between the two of us than everybody else listening she said that like as if the woman doesn't make no money in trying to say that but you said they had their shit what they Richard Vichy sheet now say this lightning in a bottle dino lightning in a bottle of this Unicor you talking about the Wendy Williams situation there's a lot of when do we is probably the only one we would have of anything I know another take your drink speaking to clearly a whole thank you when she she took the whole thing I liked taking holiday lovely see now that's what got you married you see what I'm saying let let let let there be a lesson to your latest I do agree that right now I even even rea- somewhere that they say the happiest this group of people a single black professional winning well I want to speak on it focused and I think that they say because you know black women are so educated and accomplished and focused and driven they're like right now they just ain't got time for it and you know you know what I'm saying thus thanks so it's a lot to put with an when you a black single woman and you're doing your thing you run your own ship saying and we'd like to kind of be in charge what would you like to take charge to see now you gotta make manner no you can have you got to make you mad ain't it the point of matrimony is to to develop a team and do more with the team than you could individually of clay in order to have a team you have to have roles responsibilities and you know people have to have actual purposes understand they purposes and play position if you had everybody on the team trying to do everything to other person doing then that's an ineffective team so that is I think a lot of mean afraid of should say they're apprehensive about developing a team with someone you don't want to be a team player well that's if you want that team player to be like take a less arose because sometimes you might find a player you know justice equal to do some of the things that you know their male partners okay there how come you couldn't have been there demille wanted assumed that the woman was good would have you know what I'm saying why let's not make gender specific okay because I think in the beginning will now we so you don't see that's another thing let's not harp on old topics people lists you know let's deal with it and forget it and you a give and and and move off into the future better understanding of one another yeah I mean you know that's the way to to properly evolve at advance especially as a team now I want you to remember this is a no judgment zone you know what I'm saying so don't judge us and we won't judge you that is to the listener okay so we don't kick some real shit you know what I mean is there anything that is off limits for you stay anything that is off Limited you know what I'm saying anything that you think we shouldn't be talking about no me neither so first question how `bout telling the world how absolutely fabulous it has been to be married to such a small debonair ravishing wonderful man I'm Dick you just can't but I can't tell everybody Ah greatest been to spend the last nine years with search a tolerant woman I will say she is very tolerant not very patient but she is very tolerant and accepting of who I am within my transition I will say that that's important because a lot of women won't mean to come already read it they wanted to come already fixed in county Uganda to give a man a little time to Kinda work the Rostov don't you think that's true but I think a strong woman can also help you know help with that process what you can like help influenced by not trying to influence by just doing being great or are you talking about running game no just being being great at what you do and making him once change things make him won't to change without making them do it man you know they say none be to double cross but trip across you know what I'm saying making him won't to change what you want him to change without telling him you want him to change you yes that's not as a mattress you do that to me me controls don't work okay man so that was really a trick question in Utah they wanted to see how eager you show the truth with obviously you want to keep that to yourself so let's start with a basic question tell me of your understanding because you grew up you know what your Mama you're dead in the house they will marry you know what I'm saying and and so you grew up around matrimony around marriage and you have first hand examples so tell me and the rest of the people listening and European why did people used to get married I mean I think people got married because they will just in love you know I think it was more so about love back in the day you know because they had a lot of things fighting games if we speaking about my mother and my father they will spike a fighting against racial issues being good Interracial Cup yes you know him being a black man hurled white woman you know they had in the sixties they had difficulties getting locked up because he's riding when the white woman so so take energy yeah he he mr speedy to me is a way to let a too cool to go to jail Kinda Guy Yeah you're right he didn't stay I'm going to tell you I will never forget that you know when I was about sixteen fifteen years old over angels can his Momma tell me do not marry for Lou Mary for Security Security would uh yeah and I didn't understand that at the time but I think she is a hand that compensation would meet me and this is the first thing right see women are being trained and conditioned from children you understand what I'm saying this instead of fifteen years old like old g understand that Oh gee gave a game and say listen here young lady you fall in.

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Phages, Eighty Ninety Thousand Dollars, Sixteen Fifteen Years discussed on expediTIously with Tip "T.I." Harris

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