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For anything in. I'm trying to see where it would apply in this particular. And so then take anything you WANNA use for the whole podcasts. Not just the scene. Jingle Bells And so let's we aren't we're at the PUCK is we're doing it. This is never seen this podcast where I have comedians rewrite famous movies and TV shows. They've never seen before today in studio having never seen Jay and silent Bob the reboot particularly Johnson of reboot. Jay and silent Bob Reboot his Davis. Thanks for being here my pleasure. We're also join a student here right. Pat Byrne they haven't seen it either. You haven't seen yeah it'd be just come out just yet. It's pretty reason I mean it's it's easy to say we haven't seen it because it's out in theaters now. An Oscar screener sort of. It'd be fun if you made a movie like this. That you know isn't going to be if you put up Oscar Screener watermarks in your actual movie show in the theaters and stuff like that and it just says like this is not meant to be shared around. I just what parasite yesterday and those are invasive and take you out of a movie especially one with subtitles right. It's weird when they of your name on this. They made this movie for Bret God. It doesn't feel like it. We're also here in studio with our producer Rebecca Steinberg. She's here she has seen movies. So it comes in handy. Henry I have not. I have not loved Kevin Smith as a human being but I will not watch. This is spots. Is Jane Silent Store? And I didn't know. I think I was confusing this for. I've never seen any Jay and silent. Bob Movies I've seen movies with Jay and silent Bob in them dogma. Yeah but I. I haven't seen a specific titular J. J. Rey movie but I have and I haven't I was confusing this for what is the Keanu Reeves time traveling movie. That's also being remade intent. Bill and Ted. I've never seen any bill and Ted's Either don't know much it all sort of like falls in the same. I kinda missed not like Corny but like Yeah like cool corny comedies in the nineties. Yeah well I think it's worth explaining the context of silent Bob that Kevin Smith Maiden indie film in Nineteen ninety-four. These two like dudes outside of a convenience store is characters one was himself. Yeah it was all a clerk so this all of these movies and these characters come from clerks Well then they made a like a pretty broad the teen sex room. Comedy and Jan Silent. Bob Are in it. And that's mall rats and they made a like kind of semi serious indie Film Chasing Amy and Jay and silent. Bob like pop up in it the minute they made dogma which is really kind of broad like religious comedy. I like dogma. And they're also in it and then they're like now it's time for the victory lap. They may Jane a strike back. Which is where I stopped. That's I haven't seen a movie in that and you ask universe. I stopped watching movies. No I haven't seen a view. Ask Universe movie. You could almost call it the Jason mewes universe. Because does he do much aside from B. J. and these movies remember he was on the tonight. Show for like a minute of correspondent. Jay Leno's tonight show Jay Leno's tonight show. Yeah we're GONNA Jason Mewes. That is the Jason. Walking was the name of that one outside giving the pulse of the city. Exactly I don't I don't Fall Kevin Smith for just doing whatever he wants to do. He seems like a pretty decent lake. Positive Dude Yeah but his movies are not good. I like his I like his happy passionate. Phantom about things like that. He's super positive about all of the NERD. World that he is he's been involved with it since and kind of part of what blew it up and now he's still one of the positive ones and not the comic book stuff sucks now. It was only good when I liked it. You know what I mean. He's not like hips during all right. Saw the birds of prey trailer. I cried he's still excited. For the seven hundred thirtieth comic book movie as everyone was to see Spiderman two or whatever and I liked that sort of like a what they call gates wide open type of thing. There's no gate keeping with him and I appreciate that. Yeah Kevin Smith also named his daughter Harley Quinn in real life God Harley Quinn Smith Hollywood blinken. You'll Miss Ed. She doesn't say anything. She's one of the Lena Dunham's group. She's so she's one of the girls on the ranch. Yeah she's one of the girls crazy. She didn't say anything but she's there carly she's not say anything that's crazy. She was born yet. I love learning stuff about Jason Betcha about Kevin Smith Jason. Mewes the first thing I ever knew about Kevin Smith which is the entrance to his world. Is I liked screen? I was getting screenwriting class when I was in film school in Missouri and I started watching movies along with scripts and that was something that Filmmaker friend of mine said to do. He's like it really helped him learn to write to watch and he's like watch boogie nights. Will you hold the script and you'll understand how visually you can write for the screen. Watch this watch and then somehow amidst all these things I rented a Kevin Smith live I W W Q Toronto and I watched it and I was like this is. It's not stand up right. It's sometimes funny but then I remember someone asked him a question during the they're like. I wrote a script. We read it any host. No then the guy was like what it was like. I don't want to be mean but think about the avenue and the pressure you just put on me and I was like this is weird. Everyone makes me feel weird and I didn't see clerks for seven years but that was that was the only thing I knew about. Kevin Smith was not reading a script on demand in a theater in Toronto. Actually did that in college to Spike Lee. Really.

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