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You res sam roberts oh such a good time with jeff jarrett it was a thrill to have double jay in the nazi him studio i mean so much i think probably my favorite stuff the most interesting stuff to me is kind of getting into his head about leaving wwe for the first time it's just such a kind of a crazy move fact that he came back and he kind of knew that oh i don't know things are apparently not going in my favor anymore over here but just the idea that as young as he was that he would just walk out it's kind of it's kind of incredible an unheard of we've got so much more weighty here next week because there's so much more to cover would double j too so next week we're going to get into his first run in wcw the year that he went over there and russell guys like chris benoi and dean milenko and of course steve mongo mcmichael there was a big storyline with him whether he was going to go to the end w o or four horsemen all that stuff will be dealt with next week as well as his return to wwe coming out with that shoe promo than going into the end of ua coming up with don't don't piss me off the tag team with owen hart dealing with owen dealing with own death you know not only the good times but also you know what ended up happening and so much more a lot to cover and of course you know the controversial way in which he left wwe for that final time and we'll talk about the onscreen firing that happened on the last episode of w monday nitro from vince mcmahon a lot to talk about and we'll continue that amazing conversation next week on sam roberts wrestling podcast aka not sam wrestling i'm getting ready for my trip to chicago it's going to be a good weekend it's gonna be good weekend of wrestling you got takeover chicago of course by the way in the state of wrestling we got a lot to cover i we're gonna do a recap of what went down at dominion the new japan pay per view which we didn't really preview last week but that's because i didn't know enough about it to really preview it but of course i watched it.

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