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We had the steven jackson and earlier this week and we asked him this question when he was on the show mike what can the cavs due to get better and stephen said basically nothing there's really nothing they can do at this point to close the gap with the with the warriors and you know who agrees with him career via curry does cairo being had this to say on on sl dot com he said we're in a peculiar place the best thing we do is handle things with class and professionalism obviously we have great owner that's willing to spend a little money on guys that he believes in but this point we just see what happens throughout the summer and once paul george weah missed the mayor of the only other thing you could think of is melo and for for kevin love and jackson did say there get nowhere with kevin love this ids even said he's out i thought economic he said were carmelo he thinks that would be better off to make that to which we either way even if you did that are they any closer to beating golden state so i think cairo's basically the handle handle with class and dignity of raking finals getting beat again your they need they need to bring back they'll it over all do they guy that's gonna be the asking to be the key for them delis team will we and we always talked about this is related to the fans like everyone talked about the movie the ending you already know eccentric cetera at least the calves had last year's championship before this season bright they had winning over them last year to kind of hang onto sorry we believe we could do this we get the best player on the planet still all that stuff once you saw how i went this year and once you saw nothing changed on either side this summer it's gonna be a weird part because as an athlete order every season a little bit uncertain but with that hope in the nba.

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