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This is so apparently they were arguing over some money and it says here on A._J._C. that they they both started throwing anything they could find at each of cut girlfriend <hes> society she didn't want to press charges but young Joe was kept in jail because of a child support contempt order and and when you know you behind on child support and you ain't paid shit the story you should be doing your best to stay out of police custody because once you call them. It's up to them whether they wished you. The girlfriend don't have to press charges. They can be like taking this Nigga anyway right and that is there. That's what I just saw. He has a almost thirteen hundred dollar bonds Yep because he owes almost forty one thousand dollars in child. Suha Wow the one the BANANA PUDDING APOSTROPHE B J. I throw hard. I'm having a real like I'm picturing this banana. Pudding assault and I'm okay sorry I just and who is this. You have to waste the banana. Put you know what I mean like. Banana pudding is so delicious. I'm imagining this visit land on top of that. Solar Lore knows it was good real so this argument had they have been heated because they're just flinging around food. Makers don't waste banana pudding first of all like where he's the type who eats banana pudding. You not finished just throat as shit away. Our anger got the best uh-huh because you made a bunch of bad decisions that day bitch well I mean young Joe don't have thirteen thousand dollars to get out of jail real quick real question the Mexican put it all or nothing. I have no clue well so thanks drill or Darrell Johnson formerly known as Rob Kelly's crisis manager live. You know what he's having a bad week so he appeared on C._B._S.. This this morning there he was being interviewed by King and a clip of his started making loads and loads of rounds after he was <hes> tape saying after <hes> guy asked him if he you would allow his twenty something year old daughter to be around r Kelly alone he said emphatically like with Ray with passion with GUSTA multiple couple times. Yes I would never my daughter to be around and accused. Pedophile and Gal was okay but do you see how I allow my daughter around an accused pedophile but do you understand how that contradicts. I never like I need you to come back over here to where we're trying to make some sense out of this nonsense while we're confused d'oro. How'd you like stick up for this man run damage damage control for him be his crisis manager and at the same time be like but if I was I wouldn't let my little girl nowhere nudist? Do you believe in his innocence and not bitch. You couldn't get halfway through twelve is the song talking about a smooth forty five minutes later. I mean he couldn't have been getting paid because I just don't think r Kelly still has any fucking money. So personally I believe aspire should've left. I mean where's R Kelly to make a statement gift from your volunteer not a job. I wish I would fired day..

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