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Mobile dot com slash coverage are a couple things I need to pass along to you first of which is that merry I know in the middle of all of this pandemic a couple years ago data breach was discovered in the Marriott guest reservation system operated by Starwood affecting more than three hundred million Marriott guests around the world well this past week Marriott announced and we go again there was a breach of the beginning of the year this time affecting more than five million customers your name address phone number email address birthday loyalty information link to you know just goes on and on and on you could check your records to see if your data was affected which you can learn more about all of this to get the links that you need over at commando dot com and one more thing that I need to pass long according to a recent Bloomberg news report one bank has made it very clear employees at the company is watching I just want to think about this and they have to keep work as their primary focus access financial employee said that the company is capturing other keystrokes and logging websites they visit taking a screenshot every ten minutes and you know can they do this yes if you know you probably signed some type of policy so here's the deal you recommended dot com we have tips on how you can find a keylogger or if there's other spyware on your system back to the calls we go with Roberta and shall we have two people on the line hi there Riverdale hi Joe yeah welcome what's going on are you currently run a company and I'm using the quickbooks and my grandmother's my accounting for me okay the problem having is about two miles down the road and I bought the CD books that she uses and that's not just a desktop okay and I'm using the one that is the internet of the quickbooks and I'm trying to find a way that I can not to use the internet here is a quick books and blank our computer to where when I do like the invoice will go to her computer and I don't have to print it off and you have to re enter your computer okay so you only have a license to use one version of quickbooks is that it correct and I don't mind dying of the light and I just don't want to buy it if it's not gonna work yeah you know that's a cookbook is they they really they really they really are really strong on their license meeting that yes I'm coming say well okay we'll let two people or three people quickbooks that you know it's like one computer if you need more than a couple of users that office and now you got to keep paying right yes one of the things that you could do what kind of business are you in jail instruction okay which is great that you have your brown junior books because you know you can trust her right it's fabulous I love that you do that and so a couple of things that come to mind is that you know what she could do is is that you can just have one version of the quickbooks right on your computer and then she can remote into your computer so that this way she does all the work and everything's just housed in that one place okay and so that would probably be the easiest solution okay so now it's like okay so how do I how do I read let granny remote into this is my computer now it's side there's remote access software there's one called team viewer that we use in the office if you're fairly technical it's it's it's not difficult to use bye if you but it gets kind of cumbersome especially when you start using the free version because you are you have to give them a passcode and I and I know you can unique idea for them to enter every single time okay so what that means is that you have to actually be on the other side and ordered to swap some information which doesn't lend itself especially because you're out do if you're out doing a job and she has time to the books you know it's going to be a hassle right so one of our sponsors as I drive and they don't advertise this product with us but the product is actually really good is called remote PC and it's a lot easier to use than say going to meetings or LogMeIn or anything like that we're in with remote PC it's it's cheap it's like twenty dollars a year and so and it's really simple I just a few clicks and then she'll be right on your computer and then this way you just have one set of books and then the other thing that's that's nice when you start doing this is that one of things that we do is that you use note pad or windows notes or whatever you have and so as she starts doing this if she has things or questions is that you can keep that open and start leaving your notes and so when you come in you come on your computer you can see all the notes that she may have and then you can fix things or adjust things accordingly okay now I bought another wife and if I went and bought another one what is the year a separate software from Black the current life conditions using as well what you're gonna do is you're what you're gonna do is actually probably your best bet at that point is to is to allow your you could we have the other license you could allow to you would have extra users on that and so depending on your license you can have five users you have ten years ago fifteen users and so like for example amber who handles all of our finances and stuff like that R. for me and for in our studios is that she has we she has a license on her desktop and then what we do is we allow we give the accountants remote access in and then but in order to have them be able to create different types of invoices is that you need to have give them the license to do that so it becomes more than more than just a remote access and because you know maybe maybe your grandmother wants to be able to do different things and so you know in the short term you know remote access is probably the easiest but if you wanted to go ahead and you know add extra users to the quickbooks then you're gonna have to buy additional licenses and again thank you for your call guys and stay safe let's see Ron Hubbard hello there Ron welcome to the show today glad to have you on board with us thank you how are you doing good so I read a story that you run that you are that your bunker business right now because of covered nineteen is going like gangbusters that is correct right right and so how many bunkers do you think you've sold why in the last week in our last hour of the last year I don't pick a number I thought the Ledbetter my question the Palmer raids about every four to six minutes for somebody wanting to get a bunker but our factory building up the capability along with fully up and operational logs produced in the Balkans doctors per day about twenty five hundred a year and those are very small soldiers under what we call fake dollar that will be built into new homes constructed so finally Americans are getting on board and they're taking them the mentality that the sweat then there's rarely time pad for a year that every time you build a house you should have a designated safe room with the name be careful try can set them so now the corner virus he got everybody wanted that on their own so my phone's been ringing off the hook sabar promoting that concept for a couple years ago now it's coming to real life so when you start talking about a bunker how much is a bunker the least expensive NBC clouds will immediately make nuclear biological and chemical the least expensive Bambi the class alter our habits one called the NATO state which only cost nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars which apparently is the least expensive walk and the fallout shelter in the world yeah but if the side of a small closet it's five feet wide seven people long and it's the one to two people and it would be very hard but ironically enough third the YouTube video about it on the outlook problems Dr YouTube channel that if you check it out the way the guy decorated it really bad out there but I prefer something with with all the bugs okay most of the doctors I do have a starting price around twenty five to thirty thousand dollars but on average most adultery by cell are between seventy five and a hundred twenty five thousand dollars so what could the tech goes into a bunker well as far as the protection they have a Israeli arts which made error filtration built them that have the pre filter I have a filter and a carbon filter that will filter out every known biological matter known to man it will filter out every chemical known to man with the with the exception of one which is our carbon monoxide you can't filter out carbon dioxide and then apart the radiation you have a carbon filter for the radiation now there's a lot going elementary grade yeah yeah well a lot happening in there so what if you want to like watch Netflix what you wanna do that watch Netflix all you gotta do it get get your shelter wired up for wifi that's it and then you're all good to go well you know it's interesting that it's it's interesting to me that your business is is is growing so exponentially and I like I said I read the story about the survivor shelters and how they work and you know good things like that and I was just fascinated me that you know there's there's a a certain person they they don't say who actually did it but that the Kardashian family is that they have what I read is anyways that they have a bunker that's like eight million dollars and it has a a movie theater in a swimming pool and it's like you know what who knows all right let's go ahead do R. D. I. Y. security tip and Ron thank you so much for joining us here on the show sorry I couldn't keep you on longer was running into a hard break here and you've heard me talk about how important it is to have a VPN and now that a lot of you are working from home is even more to choose the VPN that you trust now here's the deal I use VPN I recommend it and you need to get it to it doesn't log your data like a lot of cheaper free VPNs to ExpressVPN is a technology called trusted server.

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