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Welcome the black men can't jump in hollywood lewis who were terrible cybernetic cyrus like the usoc simon numerous some reason is dancing goes there's too much like sarah rely you know no j also what goes are you ready i thought it was it goes without a salary rows doing i was a cop the sound like a dog or cat was approaching can't wait i the distance olympic are away money jonathan brie lock i'll draw billy james that's not ging o somebody is what i because he made his and james is having the speech color polo shirts polo shirt due so for those of you who are new again y y y you knew that this because they were like in i love lake johnson i love daily junior you love us because i love let's because i just watching on hbo and i have to i have to have somebody talk about wei's i wasted by life let's become so welcome we review films of leading black actors and then we talk about it in the context of race the diversity in hollywood with what the problem is that it'll what should know about he had we talk about the issues okay not a yeah we do but like me in neither of those voice i sure top we're not going to yell at you and were definitely not going to be like some weird me what are you hit young we talk about the pratt yeah what's about all the proud how it's creepy this is lightweight and that's our show today in his cases we are in the middle of a wings what is the promise me this evidently to say that i am we are we are at the very end of our wayne's saga listen i was in it i was excited effors but these weeks broke me the high point out of it for me i think was don't be a menace.

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