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L A with AM Tampa Bay. From the Maas Nissan Traffic Center. We do we have an accident now and shady Hills. This lowly State Road, 52 both eastbound on westbound lanes affected nearer. Can't Grove drive? Well, Savva crashing her Nando County That'll be Cortez Boulevard eastbound between US 19 and Mariner Boulevard. They'll be right here. OK, all hospital watch out for some slow going on I four West Bank between the stomach sector into 75. This report is sponsored by express rose dot com Looking for an easier way to find your next job. It's time to get to know. Express employment professionals visit express pros dot com to find one of Over 830 locations to help support your workforce needs next traffic update at nine o'clock, OK long his radio wofl. A $1000 of stimulus money could be yours. Listen for your chance to win $1000 news radio fella. Way got Felix Vega here, Felix. I was just looking for a story. The jogger in South ST Pete have found a human head. Modulates crazy story. Shall you be going along? Well, look, there's a head And the thing is, it was like it's one the police described as badly decomposed. They think he's been there for two days because the jogger went there. I think she went jogging on Sunday and then it wouldn't and she found it yesterday, So she goes around the same route every morning, but I mean, you could toss that from an overpass. It's nearby. They could have thrown it out of the car. My question is They have a heck of a time trying to identify it.

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