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Beating from the Marlins but at least they won't be a shutout loss So in a long drive right center field this one is way back forget about it The Nats are on the board A line smash home run well over the three 87 mark in right center field for Luis Garcia And the nationals get on the scoreboard They trail 12 to one with Garcia's first home run in the major leagues this season And you heard Dave jagler on 1500 a.m. right although they just tacked on another Now it's 12 to two Oh wow Let's get out the t-shirts Let's send an alert Nationals got an RBI double here just as we speak so the deficit now down to ten and a lot has gone wrong here for the Nazi on a dome Coughs up 8 runs on 7 hits in start that lasted only three innings jazz Chisholm junior is having the night of his life to Homer's totaling 6 runs then that's bad Now including the hit we just saw 5 hits on the nights that Garcia bombed though 442 feet great highlight there for the Nats They just need ten more Before the game Dave Martinez announced Steven Strasburg's long awaited return of the rotation is coming Thursday injuries have limited the former World Series MVP to only 26 in a two third innings over the last two seasons Austin both now a Baltimore oriole and he was claimed off waivers by the O's The now former national and the Orioles right now they don't appear to need him at the moment They're beating the cubs 8 to three bottom of the 6th inning of what has been basically a home run Derby over it Camden yards the Eastern Conference Finals in Tampa Bay It is the lightning Still in front one nothing over the rangers early in the second period rob wood fork WTO sports.

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