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Rosenfels used to play in the NFL longtime backup quarterback rates for the F. Larry scouted him. He's a good guest Iowa State cyclone. Oh, good player. Then that make good guests in Iowa. Estate. He can do it. There you go. All right, go cyclones, go. Marcel eight men. Sims. I'm just thinking SIMS I'm with you with the patriots whose have I guess with the dolphins. And then the patriots. Marcel eightman raiders rookie wide receiver Iowa State. How about a keen Butler in this upcoming draft? You got to have you seen a keen Butler? Great footwork, six six wide receiver one hand catches sick. Really nice player on these sports later. Gary and Larry on KNB are six eighty the sports leader in past and present semiconductor and microelectronic workers, birth defects have been linked to toxic chemicals and solvents used in semiconductor and computer tip clean rooms. And another industries a recent decision by the supreme court of California may greatly assist lawsuits involving children born with birth defects whose mothers were exposed to toxic substances while pregnant if you have a child with significant mental impairment, brain, spinal damage or other birth injuries. And you're a past or present semiconductor worker contact us now, call us toll free at one eight six six nine nine toxic your children may be entitled to legal damages. If you are a pastor. Plant worker and your child has a birth defect. Call us toll free at one eight six six nine nine toxic. Your call is confidential one eight six six nine nine toxic message authorized by a lotta Waxman, licensed, California attorney to to to north Pacific highway suite nine thousand nine hundred California nine oh, two four.

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