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Is safe actually it's more about where to go of do trick sorry i was busking into better off to that no cover current affairs in the section week all the cards affairs section current fast section carter rooted in bed summer anyway was the greeks it wouldn't surprise me before pressing ahead with all social media round up where we turn the mic on you and hear what you've been saying and that's eight thousand about five minutes with content was meant how we drink it out for forty five minutes really is a mystery on dirty cells nondutch writer we're in a sheaf and this is my point so rada what have you been up to oh to bring upon well well they save some time ago now we did go to bed festival didn't make we did yet deceiving of three weeks who last week yes here which is a great pleasure but it was a particularly britain this year because the think the weather was super it was it was gorgeous was out on the rugby pitch by the whole grossed here child rugby club chunk park sean hopper derby's or yes wonderful bid some great food as you mention one of my biting memories was bumping into the behind on the first night the champion hilde all yes labor playing one the corner as part of their recompense they had been each given a chit which rage the bearer of this token consumers macho as they won't from the bob.

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