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Go to odd reverse bates dot com and uh i wear in the process welwitschia dotting the journey to go down the path who voice recognition i i think voice recognition leonardo itunes that detriot on reversal so um that the negative sperry let's go to some of the clips next examples f one secretary of defense james mattis to a set the stage force here yet you can hear you talk about the need for peace in the korean peninsula in tokyo is this an to the how contacts with north korea all right here we go the other the liberation of the contingent for the thirty front the world and the region all right let's listen to it now in reverse okay the rear were were difficult to here but you interpretes as seal the battle for new x so let's listen to it again now them yet bird rear oh there you go leib why is it easier to hear and understand after we either read it here or hear it from somebody me telling people it says seal the battle for nukes white and what really you know that thank you thank you very interesting question i've i've i've noticed that many times taiwan to die uh you can hear it why you ever anyone ever met the eggs actly it etiquette tell him to hear something different wind hear it here what did i will bet you try that yeah i do a quick people here have not been different lake county aired us yana scott now in san luis obispo california hey scott thanks recalling go ahead only yards david hither we.

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