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Truck drivers find yourself singing along with the radio down the highway well overdrive magazine and red eye radio and they're looking for truckers with a valid cdl enter the overdrive red eye radio trumpet talent search singing visit trucker talent search dot com where you fill out a form and enter a youtube link to a video of using the video can be with or without accompaniment and can be shot with your own smartphone three finalists who compete live for a one thousand dollar cash prize the great american trucking show and balance in august singer songwriter and trucker mc and performed during the event the winner will be featured and overdrive magazine and on red eye radio the deadline for submission does may i one so beezer to get your video recorded and then visit trucker talent search dot com to enter you've been singing your cab yourself long it's time to let the world hear us online professional drivers your favorite magazines are now on stands and ready for you to read cover to cover trucker's connection offers great jobs entertainment and industry news each month job opportunities for owner operators his easy to spot with a hot ride on the cover and the best career options for truck owners inside find trucker's connection and job opportunities free at petro's travelcenters of america wilko's and other truck stops nationwide trucker's connection and job opportunities for owner operators where searching for greener grass just got easier do you owe the irs more than ten thousand dollars the folks at civic tax relief can help their professionals have over twenty five years of experience negotiating with the irs that's critical they know the policies the procedures and the right people to contact to save you the maximum amount of money they will go she ate your irs tax debt plus protect you from bank levies and wage garnishments do not let the irs take advantage of you call now for free information on the fresh start initiative experienced tax professionals are standing by they will listen to your situation find out what you need and give you all the ways they can help in the first free call this information is free and could change your life so call now eight hundred nine five five eight four zero eight that's eight hundred nine five five eight four oh wait call now eight hundred nine five five eight four zero wait for free information and real help with the irs call.

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