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Larson twenty eight might Matt DiBenedetto twenty nine Austin billet joy legato hard to believe your guns only twenty nine right pres also coil it Corey Corey la Joye will be in the five hundred twenty lost you're saying twenty seven Parker Kligerman at twenty nine and you could also pick up where Daniel swaras who has gotten arrived yet but he made one up and John hunter Nemechek I believe is going to have a right at twenty two so you're going to be out of the way over half of the drivers we're going to show up for twenty twenty what was major race contracts are under the age of twenty nine so the youth movement continues in NASCAR how about that well the young guns yeah the young guns or do you need them can the young guns bring in a younger audience well so far it has not happened correct so far it has not happened at all the the attendance is down coarsely the tennis at the tracker that are down the track your spending literally millions of dollars to have it try to be a whole experience weekend or a lot of other things to do will a lot of other events tied to it almost like a state fair thank you for lack of a better description but to try to pick up the audience but it it it sort of has worked in certain places of others and has not so the there has been a tremendous amount of money on what they call the fan experience for Daytona they continue to do so that's been successful Phoenix has been relatively successful but some of these others have not interesting thing is that it looks like you're probably going to try to bring Nashville back online for aeration twenty twenty I look for that to get a truck race there is the use of tell the user start Porter track back in in in the play so nationals making your strong case for that so north Wilkesboro they tried to revive it over and over again Dale her junior is leading the charge to try to get north will will scroll back I don't know if it will be successful but when I tried different tracks are trying different things to the pick up pick up hello the attendants but it has it has been a really really tough and lot of contracts up this next year twenty twenty a lot of their hands are tied and what's happening is you're going to see kind of a putting up with twenty twenty years without a lot of changes and the and then in twenty twenty one big changes a lot of big changes are planned after looking at running the the the the road course in Indianapolis a lot of people talk about that they're talking about the I have a numeric who's in in Texas well for the water runs so the more road courses Morton other venues of the other wonder if you're looking real hard at and I don't know where it would be but is a street right a street race street right along the streets of Monaco Grand Prix kind of thing Margaret Detroit Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix which runs all Belleisle that in the there are a couple other places of the day that is the Indy cars run on the street that they that they actually thank they make you do a street rice so but that could twenty twenty one we could see a street Royse might be interesting I'd be curious about that what is our current trivia question and what Christmas Carol does the peanuts gang saying at the end of a Charlie Brown Christmas that's right okay we'll come back after this on America's trucking network the racing report America's trucking network sad news in a world of motor sports safety pioneer and racer bill Simpson has died after suffering a stroke late last week he was seventy nine years old the news confirmed by the motor sports hall of fame of America via Twitter post on Monday afternoon Simpson was inducted into the motor sports hall of fame of America in two thousand and three born on March thirtieth nineteen forty Simpson spent most of his life involved in motor sports he began his career behind the wheel of a race car competing in the sports car club of America drag racing events and eventually Indy cars his driving career peaked in nineteen seventy four would be qualified for the Indianapolis five hundred at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway qualifying twenty offers loans started Indianapolis finishing twelfth after falling out of the race with piston failure however his focus on safety cable long before his loan Indianapolis five hundred start in nineteen fifty Simpson broke both of his arms during a drag racing crash at the California drag strip which kick started his interest in motor sports safety and the aftermath of that crash Simpson began developing rear mounted parachutes to help slow dragsters following runs down drag strips that innovation turned out to be the start of what would eventually become Simpson's business the Simpson performance products through the years Simpson's product offering would continue to grow in nineteen sixty seven Simpson met.

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