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You know, only Elias state football could draw in a crowd of sixty two thousand plus people for a practice. Oh, yeah. And it would have been more, you know. But there are quite a few seats that are under construction. So good points. We've had up to ninety thousand for a game for OSU spring practice game in that crazy. I love it. Well, that's what that's what we're talking about. What we're talking about Ohio State football. And I know that you know, it's an exciting year because people were going to see what's the new coach going to be like house Ryan day going to be they wanna know all the new transfer quarterback. Justin, feels we're going to see him in action is he's going to be as good as people thought. But Maria people got quite a treat, and it wasn't even when the game was taking place. No, in fact, and nothing to do with the game really didn't have to do a lot with one of the players. That's right. And can you imagine having sixty thousand people watch your engagement? That's what happened yesterday. Drew Crispin is the OSU punter and what a punter. He is. Well, he kicked a winning field goal. Not gone, but a place kicking field goal through the uprights because drew you propose to your longtime girlfriend in front of that huge scarlet and gray crowd. You're on the phone line with us right now. Are we doing how you doing? Well, how you doing? How you feel an after yesterday? Hey, I'm just sitting here with my my beautiful fiancee. We just got out of church, and you know. That'd be better right now. You gotta go to church. It's Palm Sunday. So good for you guys. Louis. Well, we were gonna play sound for we had sound all like potted up and ready to go. But we didn't know that we were actually gonna have you live on the air. So now, we get to talk to you live on the air. We had sound ready for you. But tell us about why you did it why why their actual capacity. No, yeah. No. I've been wanting to do it for a while. And I was talking about the weeks ago when my buddies and he was like man at the screen game. Which is perfect house. I guess I don't know. I don't know possible. I never been done before there's gonna be a lot of hoops to jump through. But so I started working on it a couple of weeks ago. And I finally got it cleared this week the week of the game by it'd be able to do it from coach day, our director the game day guy, and they were all fantastic about helping everything making sure everything was good. And she had no idea time. So she had no idea where you were you a little bit unsure are uneasy that she would say, no. How would that have been in front of sixty thousand people? We had a we had a backup plan case. She said no I'd be currently at another school right now. How fun not Michigan though. Right up north. Up north. No, we're close nervous. At all though. I mean, you knew the moment was coming, right? When she was going to try to kick the ball, and you could say nervous. Yeah. I was a little nervous was the fact that she'd say no, it was just a huge decision. You know? I know I know she's a and it all worked out perfectly. Oh, it's certainly nervous about. And you know, what I thought was just wonderful. When you see the video of your proposal is like right afterwards. All of your teammates, everyone came to the field to congratulate you I mean, what was going through your mind when this was all happening now. Yeah. That wasn't planned at all. I thought a couple of guys on the team works spread pretty quick. I bet like half the Team New is gonna do it. But no, I mean, that's just that's the third team. You know, the brotherhood w have I really felt like they were a part of it. And now, he's just awesome to see them. All. Or was there any point that you were going to say, oh, you know, what I can't go see with this? We actually right before it happened. We all made it didn't happen. We can we have some technical difficulties some communication error, and they were still sitting in the sand. Right started. I was like, okay. They should at least be on the field right now. But now we had someone run up there real quick and get them. We we actually faced it as a a kicking competition. We're going to have kickers girlfriends come down to kick at halftime geared up to ready to kick the ball. She wanted to win that competition, but see one hundred instead today, he would you what happened, but she claims she would have put it right through. So we'll see that's so funny. I we are so happy for you. Did you think this thing would explode as much as it's done because it has really almost gone viral. Everybody is watching your engagement engagement jumped not just here in Columbus. But across the nation. Now, I didn't. Thought first I was I just I just want to marry. The woman I love, and but yeah that happened. I'm glad she's a little she's getting some fame too. Feel like six through TV stations. She ended up. Well. Right there with you too. Can we put her on the line? You're on speaker. Okay. Okay. So we first of all congratulations to you too. What went through your mind when he whipped out that ring, and you didn't get to kick that ball after you practice, so hard. Honestly, the first thought that went through my mind when he was stopping me from kicking the Vaud thought that I did something wrong. And I like I needed a starting a different spot or something. But as soon as I saw the little box. I I was just in shock you. It's like I don't out all the crowd in cheering and everything I just had to like focused on him. And what he was saying that it was just I mean, it was an obvious. Yes. For me. You both are just two darling now. So you you have the engagement, and I know that the next question people ask is all right. Do you have a date set? Where are you going to get married are people asking those questions already are they gonna get married in the shoe? Yeah. Bring game. For now, they're gonna say their ideas. Now, they they literally asset right after I said it I was like, man. I I think pets is point. It's just been too crazy with all the social media and everything we just decided. Okay. We're just gonna talk about this tomorrow. Tomorrow. Well, we really appreciate you coming on the what matters show with us today. We are so happy for you. Thanks for making time with us. Thanks for starting your day with going to church too. How often is that Maria? No, hopefully, others are hearing that as well. Yeah. So you guys, congratulations. We're going to keep tabs on you. And you know what drew good luck this season big season coming up with a new coach and everything new goals. And we're pulling for you, buddy. I'm just trying to be as happy as a u Mindy and your husband thoughts all your little video on Twitter. Crazy. We're stopped everywhere. Now and people say people call Randy sunny, sending share it's so funny. But yeah, maybe when you guys make your twentieth year anniversary, you can do the same video. I got you babe. For you, buddy. Good luck this season. And thanks again for coming on the books. Thank you. So we asked who I think that may be he may be right up there now is one of our favorite buckeyes. It's a question that we asked earlier this week who is your favorite all-time buck. I I have to say majority of votes went to Woody Hayes Archie Griffin. Eddie George Angela pace who used to be on channel ten for years. She common and she said, I don't know why. But I had a little bit of a crush on John Frank. I interviewed him once. And I was so impressed with his manner and his plans for life after football medical school. I thought he was just fine and Carol Looper who used to work with Maria. She said, John Hicks. He was a super kind, man. And a man who I used to work with Larry foster. He said hop along Cassidy well jail time favorite and these are all legends. And I still just don't have one pick this very very hard to pick. I mean, I'm really going to have to think about it. But we like drew now an awful lot. But it's funny because everyone has their own reason like Maria was saying earlier, you have your own reason why you have your favorite player or favorite coach. And I have to say if I really was honest with whom I favored Buckeye is Jim trust. They knew you were going to is my all time favorite Buckeye, right? Didn't play at Ohio State. But if you've ever had the opportunity to meet that man, you would love that man in everything he stands for so not a player, but a coach he's my all time number one. I have to go with trust very impressed by him. I saw him maybe about a year ago. And and you know, he hasn't been in Columbus for a while. And when he saw me he was like, you know, shook my hand. Hi maria. How you doing? How's your health? And I was just very impressed because he remembered his he remember, and you know, how many people he's met through the years. And yet he remembers he is always said to me he. You will remember your name? He can meet thousand million trillion people the most times he's going to remember your name because listen to this everybody the biggest compliment, you can give somebody is their name. That's wonderful. I that's true. I mean, because if you think of all the people that he meets and he remembered you how special did that make you feel that he remembered you and your health? Oh, wow. It's kind of nice, isn't it? Do you remember people's names? I don't remember much of anything anymore. Fifty one years old my mind is like shot. I was reading church today. And I was getting ready to pay the collection. I love my envelope at home. I'm like, I'm losing my mind these days. So do I remember names who are you again, exactly? All right. We're gonna take a break because we may not remember much, but Maria Durant, and I want to help you guys. Save money this spring in summer their number fro we can't remember so AP Ohio and Columbia gas along with the city.

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