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Prompting Ben Rothlisberger to say we wanna show we are here dedicated to this team dedicate to having a great season. We are all about each other. Brian does this feel like a fresh start for Ben Rothlisberger? The Steelers up the believe that he certainly feels that way. I think that what you went through some of the things that they went through last season with Antonio Brown. And of course, living Bill being there. This has to feel like I start. This is another opportunity for him. And nothing this is why he was at phase one of the season program another opportunity to show that he can be a leader. If he wants to lead this football team. You guys understand you have to have buy from every single level. And now with Ben making these compass these. Purposeful comments, be dedicated. We're all in this together. We're team he's talking to the media. But he's really talking to his teammates to make his statement to say all those things that happened last year. They're not going to happen. Again this year not on my watch. He wants to reestablish himself. As leader, I think, it's a fresh start for Ben also think is a fresh start from Mike Tomlin. And I believe that. If if I'm Mike Tomlin, I'm having a conversation way before the first minicamp, I'm saying, listen, we have to reestablish ourselves. Coach as well leader as well as quarterback as a leader football team. That's what started yesterday. But when it comes to Ben Rothlisberger. Isn't this the kind of thing where you need to see it before you hear it? And haven't we heard the words before this is seeing it? This is him being there on him. Now, it should be noted that maybe just as a side story here is also hoping for and awaiting a new contract and there's a couple of weeks ago getting a new contract in the NFL one is don't show up to anything. But quarterbacks never do that. The other is to show up to. And to be all in team guy in. So I'm sure that has something to do with it. But the other part that has to do with this is I've never doubted that been rob Berger wants to win that he wants the Steelers to be successful. Now, he might want it to happen on his own terms to a degree. He might want it to happen where he's allowed a level of dispensation other players aren't. But he now knows this team is been Roethlisberger and fifty two kids. Kevin Gobert said, even if they're not actually kids that the if the Steelers are not successful this year to people are going to get the blame. Ben and Tom. Yeah, that's it. And so they are going to have to after a few years of my mind see of underachieving to their level of talent. They're going to have to over achieve given their level of talent due to the connective tissue of the team due to these comments actually being real that. It is one unit of a massive people moving as one. And so this is the this is the start of what you're saying talking about seeing it saying. Than seeing it than doing. Well, first things first they are doing the right thing is far as how verbalizing everything because moving forward. They have to have one common theme with Mike Tomlin with rothlisburger and the other leaders the offense of line who've you seen them signed to contract extension. They have said the right thing. But from my perspective, you don't get a fresh start in NFL unless you change locations. All right. One of the reasons why I've left Philadelphia people might think it was something else. What? Because Buddy Ryan he was never going to trust me, regardless of what I did. He was never going to trust me. And what I've seen an NFL locker rooms we saw this last year with the Cleveland Browns. Josh, Gordon, he came back. They said it was a fresh start..

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