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And they saw me a woman wearing good numbers and behind the press truck was the bus with officials on it and so the press we're taking pictures of me like crazy when the guys on the bus which using the race director as saying hey jaakko there's a girl in your race and she's wearing bib numbers and eat was so infuriated he jumped from that bus ran after me and attacked me and tried to pull off my good numbers and of course it in front of the press truck so i mean his timing was terrible but also perfect so if you take me back growing up what what your sports when i was growing up twelve i was injury high school early and um i was really insecure about it and my dad thought that i should run a mile away gay masing he said if you ran a mild day use make this new new team in your school caulfield hockey and so i trained to my only day all that summer so when the fall begin i could try out for the fuel hockey team and i i really played well 'cause they never got tired and um when they cannot run everybody just because they ran the smiler's day sows in pretty good shape but i thought it was magic and that kept running the mild day but i play the other sports so i place fuel hockey basketball um and then just ran by myself in the spring at all through the summer and i just uh i was really lucky that in my high school back back in the early sixty's they had uh uh james for girls i mean that was amazing i was very very privileged from that point of view but it was the running that was the magic for me it gave me that sense of empowerment that got me through high school got me through all kinds of other challenges got me either to believe that i could do more than dan um and and take on other things you weather was in advance course through work on the student newspaper whatever um and and it was it was phenomenal for me.

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