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On with Mario Lopez sub you're more Lopez online is. Lighten up joining me now on the phone from the New Valley girl musical youtuber. An actor Mr Logan Paul. How are you Logan Man? I'm good I'm just trying to they say quarantine which is hard when you were insane before it started overall. I'm good how you doing man. I'm doing well man. I'm doing before we get into all your stuff. I want to tell you major props for you get into the ring. I love that you took it serious by the way. I thought you won that last night. You got a little job. Because they didn't count. That knocked down on homeboy. But it takes a lot to get in there and and mad respect just wanted. Give you props on that. Thank you brother. Thank you man. I thought I want to but such is life. You know if it happens again I'll I'll clean up for sure but thank you brother and you you Wrestle to growing up right Logan I did I was a. I was an all state wrestling Ohio. I I place my senior high school awesome. I I WANNA do other may like I think there's a future for me In the octagon were that the the wrestler's make the best competitors. I love it. I love your style the wrestling and the boxing. We're we're one the same brother. I love it good for you and I always say I was about to say I I I'm pretty sure we've talked about practicing sparring at one event or another. I remember we were supposed to link up in practice or something. Yeah we met at a charger game. I believe it was but Anytime where you spend most of your time by the way do you work? Where do you where do you live in l. a? Or because I know you're always all over the place. Yeah I live in La Encino specifically the Great Rolling Hills you know. Nice as beautiful there are. We'll we'll link up soon man when all this madness stops we'll we'll get it. It'd be great we'll train. Yeah down bow down. Don't love it love and this is cool. You've been making cloth masks and just given them away. How how many think you'd handed out so far so We gave away thirty thousand. Thirty Thousand Nassar ordered and We're filling them actually. This week. I did the border was closed or provided a bit of an issue that the the corky is kind of ruining business on every by. We're getting the mass out. Yeah people were so it was cool to the do something good in this in this quarantine and I've been I've been trying my best I've done of giving away like twenty thousand dollars so far and I'm I'm doing my best Charlie. Some people's stresses cause I. I know I know this shit is hard for a lot of people and I'm blessed to say it it just for quite simply isn't for me Given my industry I can make videos from home though. Just trying to do my part our and good for you. Good for you and So I was just about to ask. Have you've been spending your time during quarantine but at the business as usual. It sounds like for businesses use. That term is a little bit different for me. Like business as usual for me is going skiing down my street with water skis on for putting a. Bungee jump in my house or trying to log row for for a day. You know I activities indeed. What's the what's the worst injury had? Oh Man I have a titanium plate in my head the size of a quarter. That's sounds bad. Yeah it's it's bad man Facility cut it and like I. I don't know what what your show is rated like full transparency. I'm missing fifteen percent of my right testicle which I'm not too enthused about we hold on. How does that happen? How do you only Miss Fifteen percent? That's fascinating you know. It's a great question. It's better than fifty percent and than a hundred percent like when they told me that they had to remove fifteen percent of it because he was dead. Fifteen percent was just like dead back deference. Wow I was actually. I was actually so you know. It's not so noticeable. But she does it affect future children. So that's a bit that the answer is no I. I have plenty more plenty more. I can go where that came from. I'll be able to have good to hear you're good so good. So tell me about your podcast. Impulsive grade title. You having fun with it. Honestly I think Starting podcast was one of the best decisions on my life. That's what it I'm impulsive and That's why the name of the shows and false like we we talk about whatever whenever It's cool it's cool to it's cool to have gone from blogs which is where. I got most of my Success and notoriety from to along foreign podcast. I can talk in length and people. Don't just see me in bits and pieces. It's it's like almost like I'm rounding out my personality on the Internet and I like the people can see all sides of me. Yeah Smart Smart Dude. Let's Talk Valley girl because I was a big fan. I'm a lot older than you. So a big fan of the eighties original. I thought it was so cool back in the day. So what tell me about this one? Yeah no it was awful. I mean like when when you're told that you're GONNA be in in the reboot of the legendary valley girl and musical like Obviously Ecstatic for and I'm glad it's finally Being released the movie was a Lotta Fun. The cast awesome. I made a lot of friends on on the move in for it to come on and it's fun and who do you play play I play a character called Mickey Bowen. He's the quintessential Highschool Dushi jock. Make them surprise you. Isn't that hard for me to it's At a point in my life where I maybe brought a mullet for the character so method I of player with and actually in Quarantine. People have mullets right now. Exactly are I had one myself. I should know I had one myself and then I did a handstand and tried to shave it with an electric razor and I went to deep into the back of my head and now have a coconut on my head. Interesting starting to trend there. Do you sing in it. Logan do I think I have? I have one line Say these are the day. It never rains but it pours. I hit the notes. I will say there you go there. You go see Iraq in the eighties gear right all the fashioned every everything. Yeah it was you know like short shorts Paulo's on the Oiseaux and I actually feel bad. Here's a little his little story When I got Cath Nicky. Boje a high school tennis player. I was a little beefier back then. This was three years ago because all I would do is lift weights. This was before professional. Boxing and so they asked me to lose weight. Matthew to lose like pounds I was like no problem unfortunately I I didn't. I didn't do it so in the movie very I'm a very big high school. Tennis looking like Gronkowski out there especially now that I pointed out like you'll you'll notice that not only am. I not skinny high school player like we're all adults playing high school characters. It's great they hate Logan. What's up with that? You know you saw the other day y'all I am. I allowed to talk about it without fear coming out. And no one's coming at you wait. I want to hear this book man. I I don't know we were outside relaxing at night. My friend pointed out that there were these lights. That would I echo an equidistant. So each one is the same distance from this and from the other and it would be like about ten to fifteen seconds before each oil patch and I happen to catch one that like radiated like like a like a glowing accident. Tapa was pointing the camera at it and we started freaking out because obviously didn't know what it was and we've got it have been a meteor shower made. It may have been much like styling satellites but I. I'm going to be honest aliens. That's amazing I love it. I love like I do. I do dumb things but I'm not a dumb kid I I'm up to take your word for it. I'm mad at Logan when this thing clears up. Hopefully we'll get you in here in person and hopefully we'll start training the that'd be fun man but keep killing it and stay safe out there. Alright likewise man. Thank you for having me on appreciate you guys and they say they help you stay home. Thank you for your Time Valley girl available on demand on May eighth. Thank you for calling in with Mario Lopez..

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