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Clarke, a mix of clouds and blue sky 45 downtown 10 06. Now as we continue with 20 minutes of nonstop news of powerful wind gust nearly blew a postal service driver and his semi Awfully deception past Bridge Jeff Miles, telling coma news that happened mid span on the highway. 20 Bridge approaching would be island. $95 just picked up my trailer in my truck and pushed it against the ground where they left the driver's side of the cab hanging out over the water. 180 ft below Miles scrambled out the passenger side door to safety, a tow truck driver. Later rescued the semi branches, power lines, even power poles, all coming down across parts of Seattle overnight. It's a bit treacherous out here just because there's so much debris on the road. You don't want that kicking up hitting your undercarriage. It caught our card one spot and we thought, Oh, gosh, if we popped a tire because these are some pretty big limbs that air out here, so ah, big clean up for the rest of the day almost least all reporting. According to the Washington State Health Department. There were 2500 to nuke over 19 infections over the last 24 hours 90 deaths since Friday, and his come was Brian Calvert reports. There's now pressure from the other Washington to get the vaccine to more people. Washington was barely a week into its new tiered plan when Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar told states to adjust their plans and start giving the injection to everyone over 65 anyone else at high risk. That might be hard to do with the moment Kayla Myers it Spokane County health Right now, we're putting through upwards around 300 people through the emergency management system Clinic this week. In other words, it's hard enough to fulfill the first year here in Washington. The federal change would mean about a third of Americans now qualify for the vaccine, something a majority of states likely don't yet have the manpower to pull off. Oregon Governor Kate Brown will comply and is changing her state's plan by the end of the month. A spokesperson for Governor Inslee's office says he will consider this new request. Brian Calvert Co. Mon use the state Legislature her testimony today about adding Juneteenth is a state holiday. It commemorates June 19th of 18 65. Today, the last of the African Americans and slavery learned of their emancipation. Johnny Fitzgerald, with the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs, says it's an important step forward. Johnson is a holiday that should be celebrated by all Americans by marking the end of slavery. It signifies the ability of our nation to evolve from a painful past. Celebrates freedom. Some have questioned the cost of adding holiday to the state budget. But there was little opposition to the measure. In a house hearing today. Governor Inslee says he supports the move. Bill has been proposed that would find any member of Congress $1000 for refusing to wear protective mask on Capitol grounds. This after three representatives tested positive for Corona virus after the lockdown. During the Capitol attack almost Cara confidence with the latest. This was a terrifying moment during the attack on the capital would representative Pramila giant Paul was told to remove her mask and replace it with a gas mask. Moments later, she had dozens of lawmakers and staff taken to an undisclosed location where some Republican House members refused mass that were offered to them. It's just inexcusable. It is time for people to quit treating. Health crisis like a political issue. That blast was you heard? Seattle marry. Jenny Durkin, The U. S House physician had warned that at least one of the congressional members in that room had previously tested positive for covert 19. Seattle police are asking for help to identify a man seen in surveillance video kicking a woman in the face. The woman was planting flowers in Belltown last Thursday, when the attack took place and brought this reaction from a pastor box. Enough is enough. What do we have to do is a society to get security in the city. The brutal attack left a woman hospitalized with 10 facial fractures. Police think the attacker is the same man seen in a metro bus surveillance video a day earlier, kicking another woman in the head. She suffered a concussion. We have his photo posted it. Coma news dot com A Mount Vernon woman admits selling the deadly drug fentanyl in what come and Skagit County is the story from couples Great Herschel Rosalie Ana Lopez Rodriguez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute the drug that led to two overdoses, including the death of a 17 year old Bellingham boy a little more than a year ago. She faces 5 to 40 years in prison as a result of her plea. That is part of her plea agreement. Lopez Rodriguez admitted she also sold fentanyl pills to an undercover officer Greg Hirsch, Old Co. Mon, El news time 10 10, and it's time to check in with Eric. I insert the Beacon plumbing Sports desk and the Seahawks looking for a new offensive play caller. The Seahawks are looking for a new offensive coordinator after Brian Schottenheimer was fired, falling a season in which the teams that several offensive records but had philosophical differences with head coach Pete Carroll, former Chargers offensive coordinator Shane speaking has mentioned as a possible replacement as his Ferndale native Doug Peterson was fired his head coach of the Eagles earlier this week. Previously, Peterson was the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs, but he could end up with another head coaching job with one of nine Husky men's basketball team returns to action tomorrow night when they visit, USC coach Mike Hopkins says the Trojans are a tough matchup. Evan Mobley, his brother, Isaiah. They're big and the compassion her skills. Good heavens like guys projected top five n ba Tech. They've got the 50 year guys starting on the perimeter. Also tomorrow, number one Gonzaga host Pepper Dine and Washington State visits. U. C. L. A Shorter than usual NHL season begins tonight with five games sell crack, and we'll drop the puck for the first time ever when the NHL begins a full season either in October or November, and former Mariners pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma is returning as a special assignment coach. Report directly to general manager Jerry Dipoto will begin his work with the club at spring training Sports a 10 and 40. Minutes past the hour. I'm Eric I. It's coma. New companies Time 10 11 just a couple of minutes away from a traffic updates and security preparations are already being made for President elect Joe Biden's Inauguration next week more for NBC's George Stephanopoulos is bring in former FBI agent Brad Character analyst Incredibly, Let's begin with the task ahead for law enforcement. They're determined not to get caught flat footed again this time as they prepare to secure the capital. These impeachment proceedings well through inauguration. Talk about the job ahead. So it's it's massive George. You can't get within 10 blocks of the capital without hitting a police car or a fence. So think about it this way. Think of the Super Bowl. You only have these rings of security. People are gonna have to have special badges to get into the center circle in in toward the inauguration is going to be Is gonna be a command post. They're going to get information from all over the world. They're gonna be tracking people. They're gonna have every conceivable device here that can detect Biological, nuclear chemical, you name it and it's going to be here. How do you explain how these threats were missed? I don't think they were Miss George. I think what happened? Was that somebody on the hill? Maybe the president. Made a decision to make it soft. Low barricades close to the building. And not have the national Guard not to have the D. C. Police not to have other federal agents there to help them. That's what it looks like to me. I mean, you wouldn't need a classified report George to figure out Potential for big trouble when they're really that leaves no no good alternatives that that suggests either supreme and confidence or complicity. I'm going to go with the second. I mean, you have you know a seasoned police chief. He used to be with the D. C. Police. You had to have two sergeant at arms that were previously in the Secret Service. It's just beyond me. Those of us out here on the outside, they don't see the classified information anymore. We're all concerned about this was going to turn south. What's the biggest threat going forward? The longevity of these type of attacks or threats or demonstrations. I think as been noted, you're going to see a number of them around.

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