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For and against, it can't seem to agree on what the debate is all about. Quentin folks director a vote Yes, for fairness, says it's all about fairness. The flat tax rate is easy on those with the most money. We have an extremely regressive tax system, where the lowest 20% pay around 14% of their income in state and local taxes and fees, while the top 1% pay around seven and at 7.4% so roughly, you know half but Tony Duncan, a businessman with a coalition to stop A tax hike amendment says the issue isn't fairness but power. It's about giving Springfield politician unyielding new power to hike taxes and created many blankets as they want. Whenever they want. Taxing us are taxing more money to our resident will look at both sides of the graduated income tax debate on our at issue program this weekend, and you can hear more. Sunday evening at 9 30, Craig Della, more news radio 105.9 of them. In a narrow vote. The Highland Park City Council's approved in ordinance this week to allow sales of recreational marijuana in the park already has a medical marijuana dispensary and I will start accepting applications for a legalized recreational dispensary. In the city's industrial district. The late news son reporting the city Council is expected to vote to the next meeting with a potential retail tax of up to 3% of the sale of the drug, Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it's arrested more than 170 Undocumented immigrants in six cities this month. Ice today says more than 80% of those arrested had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. Department Acting secretary Chad Wolf says more arrests are common criminals, ice lodges detainers against or not random, illegal immigrants. Ice focuses. Its limited resource is first and foremost on those who pose the greatest threat to public safety operation is part of a concerted pre election campaign by the Trump Administration to target sanctuary cities that prevent police from turning over illegal immigrants already in custody to federal authorities. This month, Ice agents targeted the cities of Baltimore. Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington D C. It's for 50 to market. My local coffee shop is my Penn State World campus classroom, giving me the full pennstate experience online. My Penn State classroom is getting me to where I want to be quick on the adder. Visit World campus PS you dot e d u to learn more You get a whole.

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