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Cannot continue to men age is business as usual so we come out of this this event this you know this catastrophic fire season four straight yeah and we try to re build out future to look exactly how it was yesterday then we want manage at least in the short term will manage to adapt and survive she says because they have to Jason Beaubien NPR news now right New South Wales this is NPR news that's what five twenty nine there some traffic trouble in Fairfield with the latest here's Julie Delpy are just getting word of a wreck involving three cars going eastbound eighty before Travis Boulevard a two middle lanes maybe apply tear center say it's a three vehicle wreck also sent them to AT and Stevens creek Boulevard it takes away your right lane is already a crawl back to el Monte rode a motorcycle wreck still there in Campbell sound that eighty five after camps in in the two left lanes have you back up is to two eighty two the deputy for KQED support for cake you we D. comes from Netflix resenting American factory from participant media and the Obama's higher ground productions academy award nominated director Steven Wagner and Julie Reichardt cell cultures clashing with a Chinese company re opens an American GM factory you're listening to KQED FM San Francisco in KQ we I. F. M. north highland Sacramento the time is five thirty live from KQED news I mean I can Marion members of Congress are reacting to the news that Iran fired.

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