United States, Syria, John Kirby discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


Too much. New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen. The party start today only on CNN. Night is important fall out from President Trump's decision to pull US troops out of Syria. Although the US military's questioning the claim the Syrian army today said it has entered into a key city after being invited in by Kurdish militia fighters who've been allied with the US, let's get the insights of a former Pentagon State Department. Spokesman John Kirby is with us John this. This is a pretty stunning development. Walk us through this just a little bit. Here. The Kurds that the US has been training and working with the fight. Isis have now asked Syrian forces under the command of Bosch, Ayala Saad to come in and help them now because they're worried about what they consider a Turkish invasion. They exact tell us about what they're what they're physically doing asking Russia to lean on a side to provide help in mandate. It's very significant and you're seeing in real time now Jim the ramifications of the president's decision to abruptly withdrawal those troops. Now. Everybody's trying to fill that vacuum the Kurds specifically, and it says a lot. That they'd rather see Syrian-backed forces Syrian regime forces in manage protecting new citizens than they would the Turks coming across that border. So you're seeing this all play out in real time. It means a couple of things one means the end of our credibility in any leverage. We might have had in figuring out the future of Syria. Number two is pretty much. Good signal that Assads here stay. He's not going anywhere. The UA just reestablished there, and the Damascus that's really significant and number three. It means Russia's influence over Assad in Syria and the future of Syria has now come full circle this is Putin's play. So the US pools out. Russia moves in at all, right? John kirby. Thank you very much for.

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